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BaroQco Presents Impactful Jewelry for Spring-Summer 2023

A paradox is a statement that may seem contradictory, but can be true or at least make sense. It stands out and plays an important role in literature, everyday life, and now in Altaroma, the Rome Fashion Week, with the new Spring-Summer 2023 creations presented by BaroQco.

The world we live in is in chaos. We humans created this reality. But even though it is so, we humans are as resilient as nature is. We face crises such as covid, wars, energy, food shortage, and more.

We as humans have, within our nature, our own paradoxes. Doing things that are totally in contradiction with our principles and beliefs is probably the most common paradox. Because it is inherent to our nature, it is almost impossible for us to change. But change is, in itself, the paradox, since real, beautiful people are enveloped in the spirit of true love, to overcome all hardships in life. 

Each of us can rely on the inner peace that BaroQco wants to enhance through its collection, even though it may seem that we are surrounded by despair and that all is perishable. Paradoxically, we have given a way to make things possible through believing, in our spirit, the impossible to be possible.

We all need a hero. The hero archetype is visually present in this stunning headpiece.

Photo Credit: Stanley VD Hoeven


BaroQco jewelry is reminiscent of the luscious Baroque and intimate Rococo art styles. It is designed by Eduardo and Imelda Liem, artisans from the Netherlands who are devoted to making unique pieces with a high-fashion, one-of-a-kind look.

Each piece is hand-crafted, utilizing radiant colors and genuine CRYSTALS. Some feature semiprecious stones and freshwater pearls and recycled silver or nickel-free gold plating.

BaroQco is determined to collect the best components without mistreating other human beings. Their carefully selected suppliers adhere to strict labor and environmental standards. To reduce the demand for additional dirty gold mining, they only use recycled silver, gold and platinum. These precious metals come from secondary sources and are re-refined to ensure that they are identical in quality to newly-mined metals. They source semiprecious stones from either vintage or antique venues, or from private collections, instead of using newly-mined options. And the use of cultured pearls instead of mined makes BaroQco a socially conscious, fashionable jewelry brand that has proven to be eco-friendly.

BaroQco’s glamorous pieces are also eco-friendly.


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