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Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Is A Global Print & Digital Magazine 

An Interactive Community Platform

Our Story 


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine is a publication offering fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and empowerment content. This magazine, born in Hollywood, was founded by Giovanna Salas, a young aspiring film director who went on to become a film producer.


“I felt that Hollywood had no heart years ago, as I watched my friends struggle as they were trying to break into the industry. I wanted to give Hollywood a heart, so I sacrificed my dream of becoming a film director and decided to learn film production, because I felt that in this capacity I could help others,” explains Giovanna. 


Our founder had the opportunity to witness, firsthand, some of the challenges faced by anyone hoping to work in the field of entertainment. She then decided to develop Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, which would put the spotlight on those who needed an outlet to showcase and promote their work. There is no mean-spirited gossip,snark, or negativity in our pages.Our interviews are meant to highlight achievements.


Celebrities are welcome to be featured, but our cover models have been people from all walks of life. What we look for are people with a remarkable life journey, an interesting story to tell, or a lesson to share that will leave a positive impact on our readers. 


This magazine has featured actors, directors, producers, musicians, designers, artists, authors, CEOs, entrepreneurs and other interesting individuals at different stages in their careers. Appearing in its pages has opened doors and provided opportunities for newcomers and also for seasoned professionals. Many readers are involved in the industry, and find talent by leafing through the magazine and then reaching out to the people we have featured that are a good match for their projects. 


This ever-evolving magazine combines glamour and elegance with content that is practical, useful, relatable, and inspirational. 


Thanks to our founder's vision of welcoming an international audience to learn about Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, we now have a global presence. The publication might have been born in Hollywood, but it has readers based far beyond its borders.

Mission Statement 


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine’s mission is to help people further their career in entertainment and related fields by providing inspiration and practical advice. 




In 2018 Giovanna Salas established Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, a publication offering fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and empowerment content. Today, Heart Of Hollywood Magazine reaches a global audience. The magazine is currently available in digital format. Special issues are also offered in print form.


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine has also built an interactive community throughout the years. We have been inclusive and embraced diversity since day one. We have hosted memorable red carpet events, parties, and other networking opportunities for our readers. We are proud to say that this has ignited partnerships, collaborations, and friendships. 


Collaborative Endeavor 


We are very thankful to our sponsors and advertisers for promoting their films, products, and services in our magazine. Their support fills us with pride as we know they recognize the quality and reach of our work. 


We are also grateful to our local and international staff writers and contributors. They have been instrumental in the success of the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine blog, an online complement to the publication. Thanks to them, the blog is updated every day with new articles and releases about movie premieres, industry events, concerts, film festivals, dating, fashion, nonprofits, arts and culture, and other hot topics. 



Get Involved

In order to make the magazine more appealing and relatable, our founder welcomes reader comments. Heart Of Hollywood Magazine strives to provide fresh, interesting content in every issue, and we are happy to listen to your suggestions on what to cover. 


We are also in the process of establishing an Advisory Board encompassing industry experts whose insights will shape each new issue.

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