Heart Of Hollywood Magazine is like no other magazine publication. Our magazine is devoted to fashion, entertainment, travel and empowerment.

  • Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers are highly interested in the entertainment  industry and we have a selective influential audience that look to find new talent in our magazine

  • Our outstanding Heart Of Hollywood Magazine editorial content has a personal touch that opens Hollywood doors to our readers

  • Advertising in Heart Of Hollywood Magazine is the best way to build a connection with this exclusive audience

  • Heart Of Hollywood Magazine has the unique ability to target a specific group within this audience, and offers a variety of products that can be customized to suit your needs and budget. 

We have had the pleasure of having our magazines presented to some of the industry’s elite, including Academy Award-Winning Director Quentin Tarantino, Award-Winning Actress Nichelle Nichols, Hollywood legend Patrick Kilpatrick and Golden Globes judge Gilda Lappe. We’re adding more to the list every day.


Our magazines can be found internationally in digital and print versions. 


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Quarterly Magazine


Range age: 18 - 65
Female/Male 56%/44%

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine is based in Los Angeles, CA. United States and is distributed digitally, as well as printed and shipped worldwide. Our target audience are people interested in film, fashion, business individuals in show business and who have passion for travel and discover new beautiful locations. 

We have high demand for our magazines in France, UK, Italy and Germany. Several designers request our magazine publications for their fashion runways. 

We actively make industry events and have a vast network in the entertainment industry in the U.S.. Recently, we have participated as event partners in France, for the Le Mans Fashion Show 2019, and in Mexico where we held The Heart Of Hollywood International Gala that was featured in many newspapers and broadcast by Radio and TV Channels. We have already received an official invitation as a 2021 guest of honor for a very well know fashion show in Magdeburg Germany where our magazine will be displayed.

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Whether you choose to be featured article on the inside pages or being on the front cover of our Magazine, our main priority is to promote your business and brand in the highest quality so that you can build credibility to a larger audience.

By being a contributor to the Heart Of Hollywood magazine, you allow yourself to stay in touch with a broad audience through educative content, advice through experience, self-betterment, brand changes, and tips for others in the industry. Allow your story to be available by announcing how you got to where you are now – where did it all start from. Offer solutions to those who may be wondering the same kinds of things you wondered when you first entered the industry.
The more feedback and content you provide, the better your page will be in our exclusive magazine.

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