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Heart Of Hollywood Exclusive Opportunity for Fashion Designers and Suppliers


Make your designs known worldwide through our Heart Of Hollywood Online Shop

The nature of our business and our ties to entertainment gives you direct access to celebrities and industry professionals that want to look amazing for photoshoots and the red carpet.

We have a large audience that loves fashion and wants to keep up with the latest trends.


If you offer unique collections and your designs have an artistic quality about them, we want to work with you.


Our shop will allow you to gain clients and quality exposure for your designs.


Contact us at your convenience so we can discuss what we can do for you.

To apply please submit in the following links:

To sell items in the Online shop apply here: I'm Supplier 

To sell clothing, jewelry, bags and other fashion garments apply here: I'm a Fashion Designer

You will receive a notice with the result of your application within 7 business days via email.

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