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Exclusive & Tailored Services


Heart Of Hollywood Magazine offers a full-service public relations experience that specializes in credible content. Through digital placements, celebrity affiliation, influencer posts, editorials, and experiential event coverage, we provide the validation consumers and buyers need.

Podcasts, news outlets, publications, and collaborations are our expertise. We will implement the proper PR into our strategy to ensure it makes sense for your brand.


We work with several PR representatives that can be a great asset to your brand!

Consulting Services 

To learn about all our consulting services that we have available for you, please follow up with us at: 

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Social Media 

We can help spread your brand across all social media platforms! We create the content and help grow your accounts. We work with a professional social media team that provides value to your brand and organic growth. 

Videocast & Podcast Production

We will launch and manage your podcast. All you need to do is show up and record!

Business and Personal Brand Consulting

Generate revenue by increasing sales through brand management! 

We can help you strategize in regards to marketing communications and market research.

We will continue to oversee your marketing strategy and effectiveness, map out a plan, then guide your team’s implementation.

Graphic Design & Branding - Website Design

Need a rebrand? We’ve got you covered! We will build out your brand, send our photographer your way, and have an assigned graphic designer build your logo to make your vision a reality. 

Every personal brand needs a tailored website that represents your business or image! We will help you design, write, and launch your personal brand site. 

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