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The Impact of COVID - 19 on Fashion

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

By Raven Wilson

The Fashion Industry has yet to feel the brunt of the repercussions, financially and more caused by the global outbreak of COVID -19.

The arrival of coronavirus coincided directly with L A FASHION WEEK which generally runs from March 26th to March 29, 2020, causing many attendees to cancel trips, go back home earlier, while our designers, models, CIM organization, and many others had cancelled/postponed their runway shows. Personally I had to postponed 5 major Paid Fashion Events scheduled. "BetterSafe then Sorry!".The Fashion Industry was my passion and 2nd company ran for over three years.

Always keeping a positive attitude, I decided to channel the energy to try and help others by volunteering. With that said, Since running a state vendored & contracted transportation company for over 20 years, I made several telephone calls and sent numerous emails to Hospitals, Healthcare providers, Retirement Facilities, Food Shelters, the local mayor offices. The result ended up with the city approval to transport emergency supplies (masks, meals, groceries, etc) to different agency using 12 of my transportation vehicles.


By then, Things really started to pick up and start coming together,  My wonderful friend

"Tommy Le" of TeeJay Couture contacted me in regards to needing Designers to help sew and make 100.000 FDA approved masks for NYC, California and Washington Healthcare Workers sponsored and materials donated by Billionaire Kieu Hoang. Such a fantastic and blessed team, (Jacki Tai of Jacki Tai  Fashion & BridaL & Tin tin, Raquel Sanchez of Kiss the Mermaid, Kiss the Monkey, and  Designer "Cristina Tenille" worked relentlessly to get those masks out to the healthcare workers.

Secondly, my very good friend "Vanessa Vizard" of Vizard Marketing & PR & Music Changing Lives whose organization serves 3500 hot meals a day, giving out masks and groceries. Since 3 weeks ago, they have given more than 30,00 hot meals, and over 15,00 masks given to those in need.

We've all been either emailed, called and approached by strangers who want to say "Thank you for our service (As long as they wear a mask) .  This kind gesture is something I've always appreciated.  Serving my nation is a source of pride and a way to be a part of something that is bigger than myself.

But we are truly living in unprecedented times from non-stop news to the social media outlets. Coronavirus has consumed every aspect of our daily lives, you can not go a day without seeing and feeling the impacts of this pandemic.  We should all have the utmost respect and appreciation for these people, professionals, our family, friends and loved ones. Through our dedication and determination, We ALL must wake up everyday and tackle this challenge. God is so good,  The Power of the Universe "You must Believe it to Receive it!"

Special thanks to Giovanna Salas of Heart of Hollywood for allowing us to have this positive, inspirational platform to join together as a very influential force.

Special thanks to Tommy Le, Raquel Sanchez, Vanessa Vizard, Jacky Tai, Cristina Tenille, Tin Tin and Johnny Jones (Photo credit Editing)

Raven Wilson

Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures is known for being inclusive and promoting multicultural diversity.


Office: (323) 705 - 2111

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