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By Angel Men Chan

Instagram @anglemenchan

Australian native Summer Helene's producing career has been marked by a series of remarkable achievements and collaborations with Hollywood industry icons and powerhouses. Starting as a Victoria's Secret model at young age of 16 years old, she transitioned into the world of Hollywood production under none other than influential filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman and quickly made a name for herself. Her work with prestigious production companies like Howard Hughes’ California Pictures - when she became one of the youngest executives in her 20s - later bought by Paramount Pictures, Mountain Pictures, Moon River Cinema, Discovery, and showcases her versatility and talent in the industry. 

Collaborating with acclaimed directors such as Owen Land and Michael Burton, as well as Emmy Award-winning writer Dev Ross, first female staff writer for Disney, and composer Vasily Shumov, Summer Helene has consistently delivered high-quality content and innovative storytelling. Her groundbreaking television series "The Rocks," supported by the City of Sedona, Arizona, further solidified her reputation as a trailblazing producer and creative force in the entertainment world.

With a keen eye for talent and a passion, Summer Helene continues to inspire and lead the way in the ever-evolving landscape of Hollywood production mentoring and supporting young females, women of color, foster kids, and LGBTQ talent. 

Currently, Summer is deeply immersed in a range of multiple active projects and the majority involve Lifetime and A&E under its parent Disney, ESPN, Discovery, Amazon Prime, BBC and Hulu. 

She is in the midst of doing multiple projects, and is most excited by the next green lit Lifetime backed project is "Queen of Temecula", starring former Playboy model Arkansas born Mrs. Brandie Newman focused on "The Stampede", the largest country western venue in California and spinoff show Dr. S.  She is also working on “Receiver of Many” written by Rachel Alexander adapted by the talented Scott Brown for BBC and being directed by famous Damien Nieman.  Morever, she has a travel show, starring Miguel Nuñez and Elley Ringo! and “Sugar Shane Mosley’s fight night” an extravaganza focusing on the greatest MMA fighters and boxers in history.

Looking ahead, Summer Helene harbors ambitious goals to expand her production company further and introduce groundbreaking content that will captivate television audiences - and to usurp her idol Aaron Spelling. 

Beyond her professional achievements, Summer is a dedicated mother of adopted foster children - and lost one child due her a drink driver and is a staunch MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, advocate.  She shares her life with her partner of over 10 years, MMA fighter and philanthropist Jarred "Bear” Fiorda - a celebrity in his own right.  His charity - Free MMA @freemmagyms - champions his notable cause.

Alongside her devoted team, which includes producers Alexis Romero, David Lyons (from Independent film industry), and manager Yana Eloul (formerly from the fashion industry), she continues to push boundaries and reshape storytelling in the entertainment landscape.  No wonder Summer Helene has been aptly hailed “The Duchess of Hollywood.”

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