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Salim Protests Against Consumerism and Fast Fashion With High-Tech, Zero Waste, High-End UpCycling

Fashion Show During NYFW 2023 Powered by Art Hearts Fashion

NEW YORK, NY– High-end, upcycled fashion brand, Salim, debuted a new ethical and sustainable fashion collection this month during New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion in New York City at the iconic Angel Orensanz Center, nestled at 172 Norfolk St, New York, NY 10002, on Saturday night, Sept. 9, 2023 in front of the sustainable fashion industries top media, influencers and buyers.

Mary Smith walks the runway wearing Salim during New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 09, 2023 in New York City. Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion:

Giorgio Ferraro walks the runway wearing Salim during New York Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion at The Angel Orensanz Foundation on September 09, 2023 in New York City. Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion:

With a rebellious philosophy and a focus on sustainability and technology, Salim emerges as a brand with a unique lifestyle made up of avant-garde streetwear, androgynous aspects and extravagant details that reflect a cult luxury lifestyle, esotericism and the Berlin neo-bauhaus vibe.

Salim is a luxury, high-end sustainable fashion brand that doesn’t just talk about possibilities– the brand makes plans and implements them! “We believe there is beauty in imperfect fashion garments. We believe that each defect is like a scar, so they have a story to tell. Most of the materials we repurposed are rejected or discarded due to issues of quality, aesthetics or lack of usefulness. By transforming them into new products we raise their value and their history through design,” said Elizabeth Salim, founder, CEO and designer of Salim.

Salim collects 200-500 kilos of discarded materials every season and then uses these synthetic materials (leather, silk, polyester, cotton, linen, and stainless steel) to develop high-end, unique, upcycled fashion garments. “Unfortunately, only 20 percent of collected materials can actually be used because of the lack of recycling plants and government programs within the waste and recycling industry in numerous countries around the world. For example, 42 million tons of urban solid waste is generated per year in Mexico, yet only 14 percent is recycled,” Salim said.


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The Salim brand believes that garbage doesn’t actually exist– it’s just wasted raw materials. “With our Zero Waste Pattern approach, small fashion collections are produced with the materials we have access to every season. With our conscious and ethical fashion brand, we aim to generate as little waste as possible, delivering unique, one-of-a-kind fashion garments that are equally ethically made and fair to the economy and sustainable labor industry,” Salim said.

As part of our manifesto and trademark, the Salim brand often includes yuyus in our fashion designs. “Made from recycled 316L steel, each skull is adorned with different natural exotic furs that were recovered from landfills or donated by certified ateliers listed in the fur labeling act. This certifies the origin of the furs and the breeding of animals free of animal abuse. Fur and leather are non-biodegradable due to the tanning process. In order to prevent them from being dumped in landfills and to reduce the extent of contamination on earth, we collect them and increase their value through upcycling,” Salim stated.


Salim is a luxurious, high-end sustainable and ethically-made technology fashion brand based in Mexico, with the ultimate goal of combating pollution and wasteful fast fashion. Salim has created a sustainable fashion brand that solely relies on upcycling with a genderless and diverse focus on all fashion garments, merging avant garde and street high end aesthetics to develop its unique, one-of-a-kind fashion collections. As a Mexican-based brand, we believe in working directly with Mexican talent as a source of inspiration to create unique pieces that encapsulate unique identities and history. To learn more, visit or follow Salim on Instagram.


Art Hearts Fashion is a globally recognized fashion show production organization based in Los Angeles, known for leading the fashion industry with iconic Fashion Week events in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Milan, Paris, and more. Having been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Fashionista, Glamour Magazine, Refinery29, Daily Front Row, and dozens more of top fashion media outlets. AHF has built a reputation for bringing together the most renowned designers and innovative emerging designers to propel fashion forward. Founded in 2010 by Erik Rosete, AHF has become a driving force known for merging fashion, art, and entertainment while working with renowned designers including Nicole Miller, Carmen Steffens, Hale Bob, Michael Costello, Trina Turk, Orlebar Brown, Patbo, Onia, Furne Amato, Walter Mendez, Vilebrequin, Jovani, Cotton INC, Black Tape Project, and Michael NGO. For more information, learn more at





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