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Reuniting the Dead With the Living

The Day of the Dead (known as Día de Muertos in Mexico, or el Dia de los Muertos in the U.S.) is a holiday that reunites the living and dead.

Celebrated on November 2nd in many Mexican households, it intends to honor friends and family members who have passed away. It is not a day of mourning but a time to celebrate.

Altars called ofrendas (offerings) feature pictures of the departed, along with food, drinks, or small items that they had enjoyed during their lifetime.

The altars might be decorated with brightly colored marigolds and paper decorations, and often include pan de muerto, a specific type of slightly sweet bread.

The offerings are believed to encourage the dead to visit and join in the festivities.

Celebrations of this type have existed in the Americas for ages, originating in pre-Hispanic times. However, it was relatively recently that the catrina, a well-dressed skeleton, became a symbol that evokes the Day of the Dead.


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This character was designed by Mexican lithographer José Guadalupe Posada, who used pictures of catrinas to accompany texts criticizing society.

People dressed as catrinas (dapper female skeletons) and catrines (their male counterpart) can be seen at many contemporary Day of the Dead events.

One such event, to be hosted by Heart Of Hollywood Magazine in Downtown Los Angeles, will welcome stylish, fashionable catrinas and catrines.

In the meantime, enjoy this pictorial of model, actress and army veteran Denice Marie Paskovski along with actor and podcaster Halas Wilbourn, who really got into the spirit of the season!

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