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Heart of Hollywood Magazine Presents: The Catrinas and Catrines Gala

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Los Angeles, CA - Get ready for a cultural extravaganza like no other as Heart of Hollywood Magazine proudly announces the upcoming Catrinas and Catrines Gala produced by Giovanna Salas, scheduled for November 15, 2023. This extraordinary event promises to be a unique blend of art, culture, and industry networking that you won't want to miss.

A Celebration of Tradition: The Catrinas and Catrines Gala is a meticulously crafted event that caters to professionals in the filmmaking, fashion, music, talent, and related industries. It draws its inspiration from the vibrant and beautiful Mexican tradition of Día De Los Muertos. During this special time, our community unites to honor the memories of loved ones who have passed on. It's a moment of celebration, remembrance, and an opportunity to connect with our ancestors.

Networking and Learning Opportunities: Participating in this event provides a multitude of benefits. This event is intended to foster meaningful connections within the industry. It offers valuable hands-on experience for volunteers, enabling them to learn various aspects of event production. But perhaps the most exciting aspect is how it creates job opportunities across different fields for everyone involved. This isn't just a gala; it's a stepping stone for budding talent.

A Cultural Showcase: At its core, the Catrinas and Catrines Gala is a platform to showcase Mexican culture. It opens doors for everyone including Latin talent, providing them with a stage to display their creativity and skill. This event isn't just about the entertainment industry; it's about cultural exchange and celebration.

Industry Support: We are honored to have the support of several major film organizations. They recognize the significance of this event and are committed to making it a grand success. Some of our esteemed partners include:

  • Heart Of Hollywood Magazine: A magazine devoted to fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and empowerment content. Learn more at

  • Infolist is your go-to source for everything entertainment industry-related. From job opportunities to casting calls, networking events, seminars, screenings, and industry parties, we've got you covered. Stay in the know with Infolist. Explore their offerings at

  • Cathartic Realism: Founded by the film director Claire Chubbuck. Watch Claire Chubbuck's Work

  • Brisk Festival: An international theater festival featuring short plays of up to 10 minutes. Learn more about the festival at Brisk Festival.

Our Event Location: We couldn't be more excited to have Hideaway Film Studios as our event location host. Their picturesque setting provides the perfect backdrop for our gala. You can take a sneak peek at their locations at

Fashion Designers in the Spotlight: We are delighted to feature two talented Fashion Designers, and we anticipate more to join us soon. Our featured designers include:



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Star Beer

Cheers to Star Beer and Larry C Layfield our proud beer sponsor for the Catrinas and Catrines Gala! Star Beer USA, a minority-owned initiative, is dedicated to supporting and uplifting the community. In line with their commitment, they generously donate 5% of their profits to cervical cancer research! Join us in raising a glass and making a difference together!

Your Ideas and Suggestions: We eagerly welcome your thoughts and ideas. As we gear up for this spectacular event, we require assistance and support to ensure its successful execution. There are numerous aspects to consider, with a primary focus on delivering a high-quality experience and fostering a thriving networking environment for industry professionals.

Influencers and Community Care: We anticipate a substantial number of social media influencers attending the event. Their presence speaks to their deep care for our community, and we're excited to have their voices amplify the event's message.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or require additional information. Your support and guidance are invaluable in making the Catrinas and Catrines Gala a truly memorable and impactful event.

Event Details:

  • Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

  • Location: 2111 Bellevue Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States

  • Tickets: Secure your place at the Catrinas and Catrines Gala by visiting here.

Mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable night of culture, art, and networking. We can't wait to see you there!

For more information and updates, please visit Heart of Hollywood Magazine.

To become or sponsor please register below:

Thank you to our sponsors for sponsoring this event!

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27 oct. 2023
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Amazing! Can't wait

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