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Jade Sims is taking her career as an actress and a model to the next level

Jade Jewel Sims is native of Oakland, California. She is an upcoming actress, model, and television host based in the Bay Area. She's been cast as an extra on productions such as short film Kings, the movie Jexi, and a TV series called Surface which will premiere later this year. Jade is currently auditioning for other productions and will be conducting TV interviews at a few events in the coming months. She plans to take her career to the next level and trusts her hard work will pay off.

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When did you first decide that you wanted to become an actress?

I've always wanted to act. I acted in my first play when I was 10 years old. Still, I never acted again until I was in high school and college. That's when my love for acting blossomed. I was never really great at improv in college but drama was for me and I felt just studying my character was important.

Who are your biggest influences when it comes to acting?

Viola Davis, Halle Berry, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey, Ruby Dee, and many more. The classics.

How difficult is it to establish yourself in the film industry?

It could be very hard, because people who are already established tend to not give new faces in the acting business a chance. The industry sometimes recycles over and over again instead of giving new people a chance. I understand that everyone wants to be a star but it’s important to see who has potential to make it in this industry.

What is your main strength as an actor?

I like to prepare for what I'm doing, so I can bring this to the table. Just studying my character’s personality traits.

What made you decide to become a model?

It’s something that I'd always wanted to try. I just fell into it as I was pursuing a career as a TV host and an actress. I've started modeling for local fashion shows in Oakland and San Francisco. My first was for a designer named Ray Darten when I was 19. I was a little nervous because it was my first one. The second was for SF Charity Fashion show and the third one was for Trapxart, which was my favorite, because I got to be a little more free and the crowd was super amazing. It was fun; I got the chance to meet a lot of talented people.

Something I like about modeling is that you begin to build confidence within yourself and just feel more at ease wearing different types of clothes, in different fabrics and by different designers. You also meet other models who share the same interests. That's the fun part.

My favorite fashion house is Versace because I love the quality of the clothes, the silk material and the designs. It's just a very fancy style and I like fancy things.

How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

Well, I always have my hair done already. I do my own makeup and I bring some extra outfits along with my makeup bag in case of an emergency.

Why should an agency hire you?

Because I'm very passionate about this and I'm willing to take things to the next level. Most importantly, I want to inspire other young women and girls to pursue their dreams and goals.

Who is your role model?

Definitely Oprah Winfrey, because she's done TV hosting, acting, and producing. Not only that, but she was a woman who came from nothing and managed to accomplish her goals. Also, she was able to prove all of the people who underestimated her wrong. Now everyone knows her, admires her, and looks up to her. She's a great role model for other young black women and girls.


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What is your approach to making big-picture decisions?

Tell me a little about yourself.

I'm a really nice person and I like staying to myself. I'm a homebody but, I'm adventurous at the same time. I love to cook & I like trying new things.

What's your dream, your ultimate goal? Do you feel like you're on the path to this goal, or do you feel as if you already achieved that dream?

My dream is to be very successful, of course, and to be able to work hard and get bigger roles. I'm a work in progress, but you have to take many steps and make sacrifices in order to achieve the goal that you want to reach. You have to be a risk taker.

What is your message for Heart Of Hollywood readers?

Just keep working hard and don't worry about what another person is doing. A lot of times people like to compete with each other and that's how you get distracted from your goal. Never try to compete with others. Always stay in your lane. Focus on your goals and what you're trying to accomplish.

Just keep going. Don’t stop. Always continue to do what you love and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Others will constantly try to discourage you but you can't let people who gave up on their dreams talk you out of yours. It's your life, not theirs. Just continue to grind.

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