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Latest Eyewear Fashion Trend, NURILENS Founded By Juliette Nelson

From the desk of founder and Chief Vision Officer, Juliette Nelson:

In 2012, I made the crazy decision to fly halfway across the world, and work in South Korea for a year. I was exhausted from my high school and college journey. Also, unlike my peers, I didn’t have any job offers lined up when I graduated, so I needed an escape. It was something that I wasn’t even sure I’d do until the plane was flying over Japan and I realized that it couldn’t turn around. That year was the beginning of the definition of Juliette. It was my first time living outside my parents’ house. I learned so much about who I was, and what I accepted as my truth. It was there that I discovered my passion for empowering and uplifting others.

During my last few days in South Korea, my pastor, who was also the director of my school, gave me the Korean name, Na Nuri. It comes from the Korean verb, Nanuda (나누다), meaning “to share”. He commissioned me to share my gift wherever I would go. I remember asking God to use me to touch people from different backgrounds and cultures. I didn’t know what that meant, but those words were profound, and would set a precedent for how I would ultimately grow.

South Korea was not only the place I found my purpose, but also where the seeds for NURILENS were planted. Since childhood, I have loved to collect everything; keychains, cheap watches, brooches, and other things t