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By Carlous Palmer

For those of you that have followed me for a while you all know that my philosophy in fashion may not go along with what everyone else thinks my goal as a designer is not to follow trends but it is to create trend make trends although I do utilize color palettes from trend reports I always feel like it is important for a designer to stand out within the fashion landscape my job is to make sure that the customer that appreciates my work looks different although their current.

My belief is that fashion is about being an individual standing out however being acceptable within various social settings. Just because we're going into fall and winter doesn't mean that we have to wear specific colors to be accepted by others but it is to wear what you enjoy where would excites you where what your fashion message is and wear it well. As an artist I love color and I believe that color brightens up our day as well as brightens up the day of others around us. Here are some of my favorite looks for the fall 2022-23 shows in Paris along with some of the color pics that I love from Pantone. When creating looks for fall something easy and simple to do that I think is great is follow the fashion trends in New York city that has been consistent for years a great coat is important to have great accessories are important to have but one of my go-to items that I think a woman should wear is body conscious clothing with a big volumous coat that's a very popular look among fashion models and it just looks chic also it's important to have a fabulous pair of shoes and your shoes and your coat in the fall and winter are the best investments because what's under really doesn't matter as much as what's on the outside when doing simple Johns around the city however you want something cool and fabulous under .

Leggings are always great for women to wear along with a turtleneck or a body punches suit or dress however for men it's always great to have great jeans a nice turtleneck and a very cool pair of shoes or boots along with a volumous coat or jacket.

Some of my favorite collections came from LaQuan Smith Issey Miyake Christian Seriano Versace Telfare Rich Minisi Siyabonga Mtshali Chono Tokyo Jean Paul Gaultier

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Love the fashion tips! Spot on!

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