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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

By Carlous Palmer

Finding the perfect handbag for fall it's never too difficult one important thing you must always remember is that a handbag being an accessory can always add to an outfit and make an outfit new . When choosing handbag it's always great to consider the fact that a handbag has to be functional it has to integrate into your wardrobe easily and it also needs to carry all of the things that you need and integrate into your lifestyle many of my favorite bags are from new designers because a lot of the older designers and more expensive designer clothing usually gets a lot of play so here are some bags from 2022-23 designers

myself included I'm going to also post links so that you can see some of the creative bags that are being made currently I can also make links available so that you all and look and

see what's new with new designers and find something that's unusual now when shopping for bags currently you're able to find things that are multi-functional , made from good quality materials and they're going to stand out in your wardrobe a great handbag is

always a perfect conversation piece there are many different styles colors textures that you should have but for fall my favorite and what I think women should all have is a very large bag and then also printed bags are great some of my favorite bags now are ethnic inspired one of my favorite companies and it's a company that you should definitely look at it's called ethnicity and ethnicity when they make bags they are it has a double purpose it's not only making something functional for women but it also helps support women so it's a it's a great company they're new and they're out of Florida but they sell all over the world . Another company that you might want to look at is Carlos Palmer for contrado what is done here there's artwork that is done by the Appian artist and it's put on to handbags the handbags are impeccable quality they're