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By Carlous Palmer

When looking for unusual or high quality denim always get Japanese denim.Why... Japan is known for its quality denim made unlike any in the world. Some brands can fetch as much as 40 k depending on the designer. Here are some brands to look for when shopping for Japanese jeans.

Here are some of my favorites

Issey Miyake

Kansai Yamamoto

Comme Des Garcons

Super Dry


Junya Wantanabe

In Baltimore Maryland I came across a great store with beautiful and reasonable Japanese jeans that are of impeccable design and workmanship Selvedged is an exclusive showroom that appears to be testing a variety of authentic Japanese shirts and belts. The location is on Charles St.and is open only on weekends however the store sells online and it's well worth the time to see what they have the inventory is growing and will expand into other items however it appears that everything will be Japanese themed.

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