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Acclaimed Fashion Designer Pamela Quinzi Showcases An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Collection

By Jessica Ross

Pamela Quinzi, very well-known International Fashion Designer living in New York, had an artexhibition of her work at Wonderland Dreams, the most famous art immersive exhibit in New York City inspired by ‘Alice in Wonderland’ painted by renowned artist Alexa Meade, at 529 5th Avenue in the heart of Manhattan on April 10th. An incredible art experience through mind-bending installations where Pamela Quinzi’s fashions were displayed for an extraordinary Kilame event.

Photo credit: Hideki Aono

Many people visited the exhibition and guests were invited to admire Pamela’s works of visual art matching the concept of creating art inspired by Alice in Wonderland. A real unique occasion to immerse yourself in a new art world.

The exhibition started at 6:00 pm till 10:00 pm.

Pamela Quinzi, photo by Hideki Aono

In collaboration with Guchi Sachi, Baked by Raina, El Kallejon, Jasmin Moon Make Up, Tasha Dwhaj.

About Wonderland Dreams:

Wonderland Dreams brings to life the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in a hand-painted immersive exhibit by renowned artist Alexa Meade. Fall down the rabbit hole into a world of secret rose gardens, and mad tea parties, in a living gallery that puts you inside the artwork.

Photo credit: Hideki Aono


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About Pamels Quinzi:

Pamela Quinzi, is a fashion designer born and raised in Rome, Italy. Her work is widely known and respected for its extraordinary level of creativity and craftsmanship. She is particularly known for her keen eye for colors and details. Her artful aesthetic coupled with high-end design and production skills has qualified her to work at the highest levels of the international fashion industry.

Pamela Quinzi and Tasha Dwhaj . Photo credit, Hideki Aono

After years working in Milan for Made in Italy brands, she moved to New York City in 2009. New York changed her life and gave her the energy and ideas to create her own brand Kilame. Pamela Quinzi is the creator and head designer of the Kilame Collection. This line of high-end luxury footwear, clothes and accessories ‘One of a Kind’ for women is a major presence at the top end of the market, also famous for unique works of visual art.

It appears at Red Carpet events and in fashion editorials on the feet of celebrities such as Carmen Elektra, Tara Reid, Kyla Sorad (Winner America’s Next Top Model), Az Marie Livingstone (Empire), Christine Devine (Fox News), Emma Kenney (Shameless), and many more. In Los Angeles actress Annika Noelle, wore Kilame to the 2018 Emmy Awards, while actress Blanca Blanco wore Kilame shoes on the Red Carpet for the 2017 Oscars.


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