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Versatile Melodies: The Musical Journey of Cesar Mateus

Welcome to 'In the Spotlight' by Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. Join us on this exciting adventure as we delve into the lives of remarkable individuals who have made a positive impact on the world around them. From everyday heroes to extraordinary achievers, 'In the Spotlight' promises to inspire, enlighten, and motivate you with their incredible stories.

Cesar Mateus is a seasoned professional in the realm of music and education. His multifaceted talents encompass various roles including composer, guitarist, college professor, bandleader, producer, and arranger. With a notable presence in the industry, Cesar is recognized as a recording artist for both film and TV productions, in addition to his own music ventures.

Photo Courtesy: Cesar Mateus Cesar Mateus stands at the center of the group in this picture, sporting stylish medium-length hair in black coat, shirt, and jeans, exuding a rock-and-roll vibe.

Can you tell us about your journey to success and the key moments or decisions that shaped your career?

Immigration to the Pico Union area of Los Angeles, moving to North Hollywood, and then to Granada Hills. Attending LA Valley College, Cal State Northridge B.M. Cum Laude, California Institute of the Arts M.F.A., Columbia University Doctoral Candidate, University of California P.H.D, Post Doctoral Studies at IRCAM-Paris, Villeneuve Lez-Avignon and Metz, France. Studies and performances in Montpellier, Toulouse, and Montreal.

What motivates and inspires you to continue pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in your field?

My study of classical, flamenco, Afro-Caribbean, and Afro-American music.

As an influential figure, what values or principles do you strive to embody and promote in your work and personal life?

Freedom, truth, respect for nature, humanity, and peace through music and art.

How do you handle challenges and setbacks, and what advice do you have for others facing similar obstacles?

I sit down, meditate, pray, focus, and take life in small steps. When the world places violence and obstacles on my path forward, I choose another way.

In your opinion, what are the most important qualities or skills that aspiring individuals should cultivate to make a lasting impact in their industry?

Hard work, focus, kindness, humility, integrity, helping others develop their talents, and sharing your work.

Can you share any memorable experiences or encounters that have profoundly influenced your perspective on life and work?

Meeting the greatest musician and genius I have ever known, my life partner and love of my life: Loretta Anne Zarlenga, A.B. Smith College.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance, and what practices or rituals help you stay grounded amidst your demanding schedule?

Resting properly, meditating, practicing Hatha Yoga, and spending time in nature.

Many people look up to you as a role model or source of inspiration. How do you embrace this responsibility, and what message would you like to share with those who admire your work?

I express my gratitude to them and share culture, music, and the arts. My advice: Be kind, avoid unnecessary competition, lend a helping hand to others, and show respect to women, the less fortunate, and love while also protecting nature


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Collaboration and networking are crucial in the entertainment industry. Can you talk about any significant collaborations that have shaped your career, and how you approach building relationships with fellow professionals?

I have been collaborating with Grammy winning artists for 40 years: Brent Fischer is producing my next album. We are recording and performing with an All-Star cast of Musicians. It's all about friendship and mutual respect!

What legacy do you hope to leave behind, and what impact do you aspire to make in your industry and beyond?

Well, just to leave behind out music and hope to ispire others by example.

As someone who has achieved notable success, what advice would you give to individuals who are seeking to discover and pursue their passion?

Get a solid foundation and a good education: Go to college or art school. This is where you will meet your future colleagues, employers, and collaborators.

In an ever-evolving world, how do you stay innovative and adaptable in your field, and what strategies do you employ to stay ahead of the curve?

I really just practice, compose, and try to improve. I also isolate from negativity and walk in Nature. The ocean in my inspiration.

Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives that you are excited about and would like to highlight?

Our upcoming album, music video, and the upcoming performances at Catalina's in Hollywood and Vibrato's in Beverly Hills.

How do you give back to the community or support causes that are close to your heart? Can you talk about any philanthropic endeavors or initiatives that you are involved in?

I teach at the college level and offer private instruction. Additionally, I am in the process of establishing a non-profit organization and scholarships dedicated to women in honor of Loretta Anne Zarlenga."

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to our readers and fans who aspire to make a difference in their own lives and in the world around them?

Stay focused...It's all about the music!


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