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Empowering Voices: Rosalyn Kahn's Journey as a Speaker, Author, and Coach

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Welcome to 'In the Spotlight' by Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. Join us on this exciting adventure as we delve into the lives of remarkable individuals who have made a positive impact on the world around them. From everyday heroes to extraordinary achievers, 'In the Spotlight' promises to inspire, enlighten, and motivate you with their incredible stories.

Rosalyn Kahn is a professional speaker, author, and public speaking coach. She have a Youtube channel and podcast that interviews people who have overcome obstacles. She give speeches about overcoming challenges and provide inspiration to others through the art of speaking. In coaching, teachs others the gift of public speaking without fear. She have written three books, the latest of which is full of public speaking tips. She is also a professional artist, and taught in the community colleges for 20 years.

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Can you tell us about your journey to success and the key moments or decisions that shaped your career?

I knew from the time I was very young that I had a talent for public speaking. My dad always encouraged me to speak in school and in my place of worship. I was a very outgoing youth until I was about 12 years old. That was when I was diagnosed with scoliosis, a spinal curve condition. I was forced to wear a brace, which made me an outcast at school and led to a lot of bullying. During the summer between junior high and high school, we found out that the brace had not helped my condition. My parents informed me that I would have to have surgery before going back to school. I had to miss a lot of school that year and couldn't participate in swimming, which was my favorite sport. Eventually, with the help of doctors and physical therapists, I was able to get back to swimming and school. I went onto college, where I blossomed academically, and I finished UC Santa Barbara in three years. I went on to work in radio. Then I earned my master's degree and became a teacher. I began my journey of coaching, writing, and speaking about 10 years ago, and I am having the time of my life.

What motivates and inspires you to continue pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in your field?

When I look back on my youth, it was always my dad inspiring me and pushing me to new heights. I am a lifelong learner who is constantly inspired by the people I coach and work with. These people teach me the most important lessons about speaking and life. For example, I coached someone who had been given all the wrong advice about how to overcome fear of public speaking. This person taught me what wasn't working and helped me to help them. The clients and students I coach help me to push the status quo and have helped me reach new heights in my career and in life.

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As an influential figure, what values or principles do you strive to embody and promote in your work and personal life?

As an influential figure, I strive to embody and promote the values of honesty, respect, and time management. Honesty is important because it builds trust and character. If we push ourselves to be honest even when we are tempted to lie, our character grows stronger. As a result, our friends, family members, and neighbors trust us and stay close to us in the long haul. I try to promote respect because nobody can learn or thrive in an environment without respect. If people feel invalid, disrespected, or embarrassed, they will perform poorly and develop a bad attitude. Teamwork cannot thrive where there are bad attitudes. Finally, I really try to promote time management because time is everything. Without proper time management, we cannot build solid relationships, generate revenue, or be successful in any way, shape, or form. These values help me to be the best I can be.

How do you handle challenges and setbacks, and what advice do you have for others facing similar obstacles?

There will always be challenges and setbacks in life. I view such challenges as opportunities for growth and inspiration toward moving forward. Challenges can come in many different shapes and sizes. One challenge I faced in my business was finding advertising sponsors for my TV show. In this challenge, I had to push myself to do things that were uncomfortable for me such as asking for help from others or making 60 cold calls per day. In the end, I succeeded, but it is still a work in progress. For others facing similar obstacles, I recommend being patient with oneself, asking for help as needed, and staying persistent. All of these tools have been helpful to me and could make sense for the many others struggling with similar challenges in business.

In your opinion, what are the most important qualities or skills that aspiring individuals should cultivate to make a lasting impact in their industry?

In my opinion, the most important qualities and skills an aspiring individual should cultivate to make a lasting impact in their industry would be organization, customer service, and sales skills. Organizational skills are critical because those who are unorganized have to spend extra time locating lost items or sifting through messes of paperwork. Organizational skills keep us fast, efficient, and calm. I think they are crucial for success. Customer service skills are very important because the first thing you have to sell in any business is yourself. If you want people to work with you in any capacity, they have to like you and find you pleasant. Those who lack customer service skills will find themselves very much alone, and nobody achieves greatness alone. Sales skills are also imperative. Strong sales are at the root of any successful operation. Those with strong sales skills know how to talk to people, know how to keep the door of communication open, and understand how people operate and what makes them tick. All of these skills prove very important when running or managing a business.

Can you share any memorable experiences or encounters that have profoundly influenced your perspective on life and work?

One memorable experience that I have had since starting my television show is being able to take a demo flight on a gyrocopter. A gyrocopter is an aircraft that functions like a gyroplane but also has a rotor like a helicopter. My friend and colleague introduced me to the U.S. dealer for Magni Gyro who is based near me at the Camarillo, CA Airport. I had the opportunity to visit his hangar and learn about the plane and the principles of flight. Then I had the opportunity to help fly the plane over Santa Barbara, CA. This experience profoundly altered my perspective on life and work. It taught me that change is inevitable and that the best way to handle it is to go with the flow. It also taught me that there may be bumps in the road like turbulence but that I can handle anything as long as I stay the course.

How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance, and what practices or rituals help you stay grounded amidst your demanding schedule?

In a world of constant bombardment, it is important to maintain a work-life balance. For my peace of mind, I attend a weekly meditation group that meets early in the morning. In this group, we do meditational exercises and recite affirmations. I have met great friends in this group and have learned to slow down and keep a positive mindset. I have learned to not sweat the small stuff. I also do my best to maintain a balance between my work and the hobbies I enjoy such as watercolor painting and swimming. I go to the pool everyday, and I try to paint at least once a week. These activities keep me fresh and spirited.

Many people look up to you as a role model or source of inspiration. How do you embrace this responsibility, and what message would you like to share with those who admire your work?

It is the dream of many people to become a role model or source of inspiration. For many years, this was my dream, but now I realize that it comes with great responsibility. I embrace this responsibility by staying on an ethical trajectory and being responsible in my use of social media. For example, I do not share every personal thought in my head because it is juvenile and unprofessional to do so. The message I want to promote to my admirers is that slow and steady wins the race, that humility is the way to many hearts, and that everything in life is measured out in the end. Staying the course is the surest way to win.


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Collaboration and networking are crucial in the entertainment industry. Can you talk about any significant collaborations that have shaped your career, and how you approach building relationships with fellow professionals?

Networking is everything in the entertainment industry. Two significant relationships that have shaped my career are with editor Lee Pound and producer Garson Silvers. Lee is such a talented writer and editor that he was able to help me present my books in a way that captured the world's attention. He is creative and artistic in his craft and introduced me to the literary world in a very educational way. Garson knows many people, facts, and figures about Hollywood. He introduced me to Tommy Bull who was one of my first interview subjects on my Youtube channel. He also helped me host my first art show. These two gentlemen inspire me everyday. My approach to building relationships is all about meeting somebody where they are in life and accepting them for who they are. I try to be the most giving person I can be, and this approach makes my relationships sustainable.

What legacy do you hope to leave behind, and what impact do you aspire to make in your industry and beyond?

I hope to leave a legacy of passion, creativity, and strength. I would like for people to say, "She was so passionate about her artwork"; I would like to inspire people to take risks and be more creative in their lives. I plan to leave a memorable impact in television entertainment as well as in the literary world. I would like to take my message of overcoming obstacles and focusing on that as my niche so that someday I will be thought of as someone who helped others.

As someone who has achieved notable success, what advice would you give to individuals who are seeking to discover and pursue their passion?

For those who are seeking to discover and pursue their passions, I would recommend exploring many different creative activities that make them happy. Being happy in your field is critical to your success. I would tell them to be patient with themselves and to find mentors in their activities who inspire them and who are kind to them. This advice worked well for me.

In an ever-evolving world, how do you stay innovative and adaptable in your field, and what strategies do you employ to stay ahead of the curve?

Our world is very innovative, especially here in California. New technologies are constantly coming our way, and adaptability is necessary for survival. To stay ahead of the curve, I do a lot of research on the Internet and in libraries in my spare time. I try to educate myself about new platforms such as cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence. Doing so has helped me remain efficient in my work and has brought me to new heights. For example, I use ChatGPT to locate things on the Internet. It serves as a virtual assistant for me, and this improves my speed and accuracy.

Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives that you are excited about and would like to highlight?

One upcoming initiative that I am very excited about is my book on public speaking. This book has been a long time coming, as I have taught public speaking for 20 years and have been a member of Toastmasters International for over 30 years. This short but mighty book is packed with tips that address the common fear we all face when giving speeches in public. Public speaking is one of the world's greatest fears, and much of the advice out there is dated and unhelpful. My book includes new and innovative tips based on my years of education and experience. I am confident that others will feel inspired and less fearful after reading my new book.

How do you give back to the community or support causes that are close to your heart? Can you talk about any philanthropic endeavors or initiatives that you are involved in?

I thoroughly enjoy volunteer work and community service. As a teacher, I value serving youth who are disadvantaged. I often volunteer at food and school supply drives in the Los Angeles area. During the holidays, I participate in an initiative known as Project Pop Drop in LA that serves food and provides holiday gifts for the less fortunate. I enjoy participating in these events because they make people happy. I also make new friends and learn more about what is happening in my community. Philanthropic endeavors are a win-win for all.

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to our readers and fans who aspire to make a difference in their own lives and in the world around them?

To those looking to make a difference in their own lives and the world around them, I recommend finding a cause that you care about that is close to your heart. I recommend attending an event or volunteering for that cause. This can be the beginning of your networking journey, and it will truly change your life and the lives of those around you.

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