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Crafting Success: The Journey of Cynthia W. Hammer

Welcome to 'In the Spotlight' by Heart Of Hollywood Magazine. Join us on this exciting adventure as we delve into the lives of remarkable individuals who have made a positive impact on the world around them. From everyday heroes to extraordinary achievers, 'In the Spotlight' promises to inspire, enlighten, and motivate you with their incredible stories.

Cynthia W. Hammer has been writing for over seventeen years. Her best-selling novels, 'A Good Case' and 'Iceberg,' gave her the courage she needed to navigate the world of authorship. To date, Cynthia has published four books, including 'Who Is At The Door?' and 'The Seven Rivers.' She has embarked on book tours across the U.S. four times.

In addition to her writing career, Cynthia has ventured into acting and has appeared in movies, including LMN productions, as well as several upcoming television series. She is also a radio host under her own brand, Hammer Media & PR, where her show, 'Hammer Away Show,' is premised on the idea that there is no instantaneous path to success; you either have to bang, chip, or hammer away at your goals.

Photo Courtesy: Cynthia W. Hammer

Can you tell us about your journey to success and the key moments or decisions that shaped your career?

My mentor then and now is Bettie Baker, she believed in me and told me to write my first book. And the steps needed to do so. I read her book when I was nine in school titled.

What Is Black. The story spoke of everything that was black and beautiful. Being the only

black family for miles in my neighborhood. I never experienced a prestige Black person other than my parents. So, I prayed to God that I could meet her one-day and that pray was answered. I was able to love on Ms. Baker and tell her what the book meant to me. And I was able to find her book that had been out of print for over twenty years. To Ms. Baker surprise I ask her to sign the book, we both cried and have been friends ever since.

What motivates and inspires you to continue pushing boundaries and achieving new heights in your field?

I have a strong connection to my Maker and have always had a sense of a Peace with me. That if I just was kind but, not a push over, and went about my life doing what I felt inside me to do, that everything would be okay. I guess you could say I keep it simple.

As an influential figure, what values or principles do you strive to embody and promote in your work and personal life?

Always be a good listener and I never throw people away. People come into your life for a time, we don't always have to know the reason. If your consistent with, being you, you'll leave the right impression. It is important to let people be who they are when they are around you not demand to be treated a certain way. That creates an uncomfortable environment and too me makes you a person who has lived life and has missed the message. To be clear I don't tolerate mistreatment, however what is most important is how I treat myself. So, I don't rely on individuals for that. And that is me doing my part showing up as a decent human. I always remember I don't have to take anyone's drama home with me, so each interaction is temporary, and my choice. But it's always better to be kind.

How do you handle challenges and setbacks, and what advice do you have for others facing similar obstacles?

Trails are just part of life once you really understand that you embrace it with gratitude.

Again, I believe in a Higher Power than myself and He or She knows best so what is

in my life will be handled by what is already inside me.

In your opinion, what are the most important qualities or skills that aspiring individuals should cultivate to make a lasting impact in their industry?

Always have fun don't take it to seriously and don't harm someone else to get ahead if your that person, your truly not a happy one.

Can you share any memorable experiences or encounters that have profoundly influenced your perspective on life and work?

There are too many memorable experiences to list, however I have meant many celebrities and everyday people. My favorites are when I'm signing my books, and a reader tells me what the story has meant to them and how it changed their lives. That is priceless and why I write.


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How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance, and what practices or rituals help you stay grounded amidst your demanding schedule?

Success is natural for me I've learned to embrace it.

Many people look up to you as a role model or source of inspiration. How do you embrace this responsibility, and what message would you like to share with those who admire your work?

I didn't know when I published my first book, that years later I'd be this popular. I wrote ICEBURG, because I had something to say about growing up in Maryland. Always be yourself, and accolades are like soap eventually it washes off, so I don't give it much thought.

Collaboration and networking are crucial in the entertainment industry. Can you talk about any significant collaborations that have shaped your career, and how you approach building relationships with fellow professionals?

They say everybody uses everybody; actually, everybody needs somebody. In stating that always carry your own cleats and they will come to you, people recognize talent.

What legacy do you hope to leave behind, and what impact do you aspire to make in your industry and beyond?

The impact of my work is to soon to tell ask me in another fifty years, hopefully I would have learned a few more things.

As someone who has achieved notable success, what advice would you give to individuals who are seeking to discover and pursue their passion?

Never be to hard on yourself, clear the demons out of your head and heart so you don't look in the wrong places for answers and so you don't harm people with your nonsense that are trying to help you. In other words, know the 'forest from the trees,' when you step outside so you're not pointing fingers at everyone else without realizing you may be the problem.

In an ever-evolving world, how do you stay innovative and adaptable in your field, and what strategies do you employ to stay ahead of the curve?

I'm very honest putting my family first, enjoy living and believe in long vacations.

Can you share any upcoming projects or initiatives that you are excited about and would like to highlight?

I'm producing my first movie 3: A.M' S and starring in it as well. It's an action film about three women mobsters. We have casted some great actors, too soon to mention. However, I'm uber excited to have attained Romane Simon/Director and studio Lucky Strike Films. On October 14th., from 12:00-2 p.m. I will sign novel Who Is At The Door?

at Barnes & Noble in Ventura, CA.

How do you give back to the community or support causes that are close to your heart? Can you talk about any philanthropic endeavors or initiatives that you are involved in?

My Dad always said if you give and have to talk about it then it didn't come from the heart. I would like to keep my giving private

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to our readers and fans who aspire to make a difference in their own lives and in the world around them?

What God has for you is for you. Get up get out of bed and just go for it...


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