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Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Painting by: Subho Sarkar

Poem by: Dr. Tapati Sinha

After the scorching summer days,

Earth was joyous with rains,

Flowing in passion and

Carrying the fragrance of flowers

As hearts melt like morning dew

Oh my loving God,

You had showered in plenty of your beauty and love

But the sacred potion of your love

Couldn't drench human greed.

Soon came a time when the forests dwindled,

The waves of fiery heat followed,

With wildfires raging and burning the trees,

The greens were lost and fields were left barren;

Like the burning month of Ashwin

They snatched the soul and charms of nature

As if Earth was made to sit in a hard penance.

As man wrote his own story

Stretching his arm of ills and malady

In a drunken run to grapple the heavens.

People ended in hunger and tears

Only to gain the pleasures of hell.

Sweet tunes of Nature were lost in sobs,

That left the Earth in wails

With the inhuman dance of greed and cruelty,

While pity and love were forgotten

Tributes of flowers were torn apart

Offerings went in vain in thorny gaiety

by human hands with blood and scathing nails,

Left the Earth in silent wails.


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