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The Steed (El Corcel): An Epic Journey of Love and Devotion

During the Russian Revolution in Mongolia

By Heart Of Hollywood Magazine International PR Team

The film "The Steed" (also known as "El Corcel") transports us to a pivotal moment in history amidst the Russian Revolution in Mongolia. However, this is not just a movie about political conflicts; it is a profoundly moving story about family, love, devotion, and the connection to one's own land.

The plot revolves around a nomadic boy whose mother, aware of the challenging life that awaits him, gifts him a horse. This horse is not just a gift; it becomes the boy's best friend and confidant. The relationship between the boy and his steed is the heart of the film, serving as a metaphor for loyalty and trust in the midst of a constantly changing world. However, as in many epic tales, the boy and his horse are cruelly separated from everything they hold dear. This turn of events sets off an epic journey filled with adventures, challenges, and touching moments as the boy embarks on a quest to find his beloved steed. As the story unfolds, the film highlights the boy's struggle to keep the flame of hope alive and his determination to reunite with his loyal friend.

The screenplay, written by Erdenebileg Ganbold and Khuubaatar U., immerses us in a world rich with emotional nuances and heroic challenges. The cinematography by Baatar Batsukh captures the beauty of the Mongolian landscapes and the depth of the characters' emotions.

The music by Tumennast G. adds an extra layer of emotion to the film, evoking the feelings and passions of the characters as they progress on their journey. The film is produced by "Three Flames Pictures" and "Heart of Hollywood Motion Pictures," who came together to bring this powerful cinematic work to life.

The cast, led by Ariunbold Erdenebayar, Enkhtuul G., and Erdenebileg Ganbold, delivers heartfelt and authentic performances that bring the characters to life on the big screen. "The Steed" is a cinematic masterpiece that not only entertains but also touches the hearts of its audience. It reminds us of the importance of family, the value of devotion, and the strength that comes from a connection to our homeland. This film takes us on an exhilarating journey through history and human emotions, and it is an experience you won't want to miss. So, get ready to immerse yourself in this epic tale of love and adventure during the Russian Revolution in Mongolia.

SEPTIEMBRE 27, 2023 16:30h y 18:30 h

SEPTIEMBRE 28, 2023 18:30 h


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