The shows you can´t miss coming in April 2021

This new year has been a big one for streaming services. Disney+ expanded their platform worldwide, Netflix has never been stronger, and HBO keeps killing it with their drama-mystery shows. Whatever your platform of choice is, there are many new series to expect for the next month. So, without further ado, here are ten of our favorite picks premiering in the month of April.

1. Made for Love

HBO Max / April 1

This new series follows actress Cristin Milioti, recently seen in the movie Palm Springs. Milioti plays Hazel, a woman that can’t escape her ex-husband because he had her fitted with a high-tech device that follows her every move. The trailer gives a futuristic, dramedy vibe, and we can’t wait to see how the story will unfold.

Photo: HBO Max

2. The Serpent

Netflix / April 2

This one was made specifically with true-crime fans in mind. The series follows the infamous Charles Sobhraj, a hippie thief and murderer from the ’70s that targeted tourists all around Asia. The real-life tale of this man, as creepy as it is, sounds like the perfect show to binge-watch on a Friday night.

Photo: Netflix

3. The Nevers

HBO / April 11

The Nevers is HBO’s new venture into the historical, science-fiction, fantasy drama, and we have to admit that the premise is very intriguing. This series tells the story of a group of women living in the Victorian era. Add to that the fact that they have supernatural powers, and the overall mission of changing the world becomes even more interesting.

Photo: HBO

4. Dad Stop Embarrassing Me

Netflix / April 14

Who said that sitcoms were dead? Actor Jaime Foxx explores the comedy world in this new wholesome and feel-good tv show. Foxx plays a single dad who has to balance a busy work-life with her teenage daughter that just moved in with him. This comedy will be the perfect escapist experience we all desperately need right now.

Photo: Netflix

5. Mare of Easttown

HBO / April 18

Here we have another one of HBO’s iconic murder mystery limited series. The star that’s leading the pack this time is Kate Winslet, playing detective Mare Sheehan. In the trailer, we see Winslet deal with a local murder in the midst of personal struggles. We have a feeling that if you enjoyed Big Little Lies, Sharp Objects, or The Undoing, this will be a good addition to your list of mystery dramas to look out for.