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Successful Soiree Hosted by Impo Shoes

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Iconic shoe brand Impo hosted an evening of luxury, style, and sustainability in Los Angeles to celebrate LA Fashion Week. This one-of-a-kind red carpet event, titled "Secret’s Out Soiree" was held on the always exciting Melrose Avenue.

Impo had quietly been worn by While House politicians, celebrities such as Britney Spears, and women in the know who need comfort but demand shoes that are glamorous, on trend, and environmentally sustainable.

The brand has been a trusted choice since 1969, and yet it was a secret known mainly to the stylish, savvy few. Now, Impo kicks off a new era, with exciting new social media accounts to showcase spectacular shoe collections that are comfortable enough for work, for dancing, or even for acrobatic leaps through the air. Yes, the secret is out now! Check out @imposhoes on Insta.

Photo Credit: Loyde Cordero Influencer @amberr

The event was attended by influencers as far as the eye could see. Model Io (@kalothe1); executive film producer Erick Stryker (@erickstryker); photographer, model, and actor @yungssfe ; actress and filmmaker Maria Soccor (@iammariasoccor); fashion inspiration Alexandra Owen (@thealexowen); tattoo, lash, and toothgem expert Olivia Ross (@inkedupmala); film director Claire Chubbuck (@claire_chubbuck); model Calvin Thomas (@ iam_calvinn); film producer, production manager, digital content producer and music video director @taylordatoms ; public figure and Netflix reality star Calvin Crooks (@kiingcrooks); young mogul Versatile G (@versatileg1), and icon Emily (@emilyy1501).

In attendance were Winnie Stackz, a celebrity producer and stylist, Nick Antonyan, an influencer, and Vola (@thisisvola).

Photos Credit: Loyde Cordero

These and many other beautiful and fabulously-attired guests were gifted Impo shoes to complement their personal style. They enjoyed a live DJ set and a performance by singer Kettie Munroe (@kettiemunroemusic) while sipping specialty cocktails featuring Tequila Cabal (@tequilacabal).

Take a peek behind the scenes of a fabulous soirée hosted by Impo Shoes. It showcases the shoes and sketches displayed on the walls by Impo designer Rod Beckett, which have played a significant role in shaping Impo's legacy. The event was expertly documented by photographer Claudia Hoag.

Photo Credit: Claudia Hoag

Red carpet interviews for Heart Of Hollywood Magazine (@Heartofhollywoodmagazine), an industry publication with international reach, were carried out by Taylor Jackson (@tayisonmars) and Sandy Rodriguez (@choosetoprevail).

Capturing a moment of inspiration with Jim Maloney, Impo Executive Vice President, and the charismatic host of Heart Of Hollywood Magazine, Taylor Jackson. Photo Credit: Loyde Cordero

At the event, attendees had the opportunity to network with the Executive Vice President, Jim Maloney, to discuss collaboration opportunities.

After their walk down the red carpet, guests were able to examine a commissioned art installation by local artist Jared Andrew Hughes (@jaredandrewhughes), featuring extraordinary shoes and sketches that have shaped Impo's legacy.

VIPs were able to view unreleased shoes to be launched the upcoming season.

Featuring the esteemed Event producer and PR professional, Elizabeth Vivo. Photo Credit: Loyde Cordero

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine CEO Giovanna Salas attended the event to show her support for Impo Shoes and to highlight the significance of the 'Secret's Out Soiree.' This event marks a new chapter in Impo's storied history as the brand embraces the power of social media, inviting the world to discover its timeless elegance.

Photo Credit: Loyde Cordero


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