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Salton Sea Film Festival - Make a Film and Save the Sea

By Roy Dorantes

El Centro, CA, September 22, 2020 – The Imperial Valley community will be holding its first annual Salton Sea Film Festival showcasing local storytelling talent on FOX9-TV and SOCIAL MEDIA. Community members of all ages (Elementary school grade through adult) are encouraged to produce a 3-5 minute video film on the Salton Sea with their cellphones or regular cameras.

The filmmakers must submit their films by Sunday, October 11, 2020, midnight. The entire family of the filmmaker is encouraged to participate; it’s a family project. $2,500 in cash prizes will be awarded to best films.

There are 5 categories: 1) Elementary; 2) Jr. High School; 3) High School; 4) Adult; 5) People’s Choice. 1st Place Winners in each category win $250 in cash; 2nd Place Winners win $150; 3rd Place Winners win $100. The filmmakers must be residents of Imperial Valley. The judging panel will be composed of professionals from the independent film and television industry.

The festival will take place Sunday, November 1st, 2020, presented first on local FOX9-TV, followed by a SOCIAL MEDIA ONLINE presentation through the festival’s Facebook page.

The festival aims to motivate the Imperial Valley community (young and adult) to be more aware of the impact the Salton Sea has in the region. Organizers believe by creating a fun family project, such as the film festival, it will encourage community to do individual research on the Salton Sea in order to create their film projects.

Filmmakers are encouraged to visit Facebook/Salton Sea Film Festival for complete guidelines and submission instructions. The films will be graded on 4 criteria: 1) Content; 2) Visuals; 3) Audio; 4) Structure. They must all be between 3-5 minutes in length.

The festival is organized by Roy Dorantes/RD Media Films and Imperial Valley Cancer Support Center with the support of County of Imperial, Imperial Irrigation District and many other community supporters. For more information, Roy Dorantes, 760.234.1940,

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