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Jayd Official Clothing and Accessories, Created by a U.K. Entrepreneur, Are Attracting Great Interest in America and Other Markets

By Jonathan Deal

My passion for fashion design has been with me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a good eye for clothing and materials, and have particularly liked brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton, as well as Polo Ralph Lauren In the past. I couldn’t always afford the things I desired, but now I am in a position where I can make it happen.

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Deal

As a singer-songwriter, I initially set up a Zazzle shop to promote my music and create merchandise that supported my music career. However, during the covid pandemic, I decided to take things further and establish my own website. In August 2020, I started working on different graphic designs for clothing that I produced.

Since then, I’ve expanded my online presence and, in July 2021, launched another website called Jayd Official Store. I personally designed the website so that visitors can become brand ambassadors and members, leaving reviews, sharing photos and engaging with one another. Networking with other members is particularly important to me and the brand. The website home page also features my latest products, along with regular posts from my connected Instagram profile, @jaydofficialstore. I regularly update the page with information about my red carpet events and sponsorships.

So much has happened since then! For instance, I had the opportunity to sponsor the National Social Media Awards in London, and this year, I will be sponsoring it again. I’m also excited about an upcoming red carpet event in Hollywood, where I will be present alongside numerous celebrity guests, and there will be live television coverage and press. At the event, attendees will have the chance to purchase my products as well.

I even had the honor of sponsoring the re-release of Rise of The Footsoldier: Extreme Edition and the game launch at Vue Cinema in Leicester Square, in the U.K., earlier this year. The event generated significant interest in me, my brand, my products, and what I stand for as an entrepreneur.


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In July 2021, I launched a new website and made a conscious decision to prioritize sustainable materials. By using eco-friendly materials, I not only contribute to cutting down on environmental costs and reducing the use of fossil fuels associated with conventional cottons and polyesters, but I also ensure that my clothing is gentle on sensitive skin while being highly durable.

All of my print artwork is of excellent quality, thanks to our utilization of a new process called DFT printing, which stands for Direct to Film printing. This technique involves printing your design directly into a film and then transferring it onto fabric or a garment made out of polyester, cotton, synthetic material, or silk, regardless of the color. This guarantees that the design on the clothing will not fade over time. Even after 10 years or more, the design and the logo on a T-shirt from my shop will remain intact, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction for my customers.

I am also proud to share that I have been chosen as a sponsor for Heart of Hollywood Magazine’s Catrinas and Catrines Gala, to be held on November 15th in Los Angeles. This exciting red carpet event will allow me to promote sustainability and diversity through my expertise in the fashion industry. I am genuinely elated about this opportunity and the positive impact it will bring to my brand.

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Deal

Overall, my focus is on sustainability, high-quality printing, exclusive designs, and an involvement in prominent events. All of this contributes to the unique appeal of my clothing brand. I am excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing my passion for eco-friendly fashion with a wider audience.

My customer base spans different age groups and includes men, women, and children. I produce clothes for a wide range of customers, including children and toddlers, all the way up to individuals in their eighties and nineties. In addition to clothing, my store offers a variety of accessories. You can find backpacks, tote bags, shopping bags, glassware, cookware, aprons, tea towels, fleece blankets, and even canvas prints featuring artwork from my first album, New Horizon.

By catering to such a diverse range of customers and offering a wide array of products, I ensure that there is something for everyone. Whether it’s fashionable clothing for children and adults, or practical accessories that complement different lifestyles, my goal is to provide sustainable options that meet the needs and preferences of all customers. Hence, my brand slogan is “Spotlight On Me!” and all my products have a scannable QR code on them.

One of my biggest milestones was sponsoring the National Social Media Awards, which significantly helped me expose my brand to a broader audience, including celebrities. Additionally, sponsoring the feature film I mentioned earlier has generated a great deal of interest in my brand. Being a sponsor for Heart of Hollywood Magazine is also expected to generate significant interest and exposure.

Another achievement was the release of my Spring-Summer 2023 collection earlier this year. The designs aligned with Pride Month in June, and feature my brand logo, embroidered in multicolored rainbow hues.

Photo Courtesy: Jonathan Deal

I recently connected with Angelina Kali, who has offered a partnership and sponsorship opportunity at her AK Premier fashion boutique events. I am considering the possibility of participating when she returns to England, or even exploring opportunities in Monaco, Dubai, or New York. Setting up a stall and selling my products at Angelina’s fashion boutique events would be of great interest to me. Additionally, we had collaboration for my featured advertisement in the Relentless Magazine summer edition, which you can find in the fashion and culture section of the magazine.

Furthermore, I have the opportunity to promote my brand ambassador program on the TSX billboard in Times Square, in New York. This prominent billboard will showcase my brand and help me break into the American market. The National Social Media Awards on November 12th, now to be held in Hollywood, will also provide an excellent platform for media coverage and press attention for my brand.

Looking ahead, I aim to expand my brand by showcasing my designs at various fashion events, such as Beautiful You Fashion Tour and This Is Icon in February of next year, during London Fashion Week. I also hope to have the opportunity to showcase my brand in America at fashion shows in Los Angeles, with Heart of Hollywood and Model Mafia. I have established contact with Fashion TV and have been offered an interview on the red carpet at the next Cannes Film Festival.

Jonathan Deal is a visionary fashion expert, singer-songwriter, and entrepreneur.



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IG: @jaydofficialstore

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wake up to yourself dude, you're not a celebrity you're a very unwell man.

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