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Nicholas Tana Presents an Ingenious Blend of Humor and Sci-Fi in GrandPrize Winning Screenplay at the Horror2Comic Contest

By Jessica Ross

In the realm of cinematic absurdity, Nicholas Tana has triumphed once again with his latest script, "Hillbillies vs. Alien Chickens." This uproarious B-movie masterpiece, crowned the grand prize winner of the Horror2Comic Screenplay Competition, is set to captivate audiences with its unique blend of hillbilly grit and extraterrestrial chaos.

Tana, already celebrated for his cult classic, "Hell's Kitty," takes storytelling to new heights by introducing a clash between a spirited group of hillbillies and a flock of outer space's foul-mouthed, feathery fiends. Picture the comedic chaos of Mars Attacks, the wild unpredictability of Sharknado, and the bizarre charm of Killer Klowns From Outer Space – all infused with the spirit of moonshine and a symphony of squawking.

This isn't Tana's first foray into the world of cult classics. "Hell's Kitty," a brilliant ultra-low-budget gem, showcased the director alongside his real-life possessed feline companion, Angel. The film boasted a stellar cast, including genre royalty like Doug Jones, Courtney Gains, and Adrienne Barbeau. Tana also recently ventured into the realm of mind-bending sci-fi with the graphic novel "eJUNKY," a creation distributed by Simon & Schuster and published through Scout Comics, featuring cover art by the talented Derrick Robertson (The Boys).

Beyond his success in filmmaking, Tana's artistic flair extends to his musical endeavors. Songs like "Chainsaw Kitty," "Solo Song," and "Multi-colored Spiked Umbrella" showcase his outlandish writing style and are likely to find a home in the cinematic portrayal of "Hillbillies vs. Alien Chickens." Audiences can anticipate a soundtrack as eccentric and memorable as the film itself.

As the excitement builds, "Hillbillies vs. Alien Chickens" is not confined to the pages of a script. This uproarious tale is set to leap onto comic book shelves as a captivating series. MOTOR CONTENT is spearheading the development for the screen, promising a cinematic experience that will have audiences clucking with laughter.

Tana's ability to infuse humor into the unexpected ensures that "Hillbillies vs. Alien Chickens" will be an unforgettable journey into the absurd – a must-watch for those seeking a cinematic escape that defies conventions.

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Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Contributor Jessica Ross

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