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New Show Alert Meet the Choose to Prevail Show Guests!

Things are getting back to normal, and Heart Of Hollywood Motion Pictures, LLC is working on a new production, The Choose to Prevail Show. This 12-episode video series is set to be streamed on the new Heart Of Hollywood Cinema platform later this year.

What We’re Up To

Interesting individuals from different walks of life who have overcome challenges will be interviewed by Sandy Rodriguez, author of the motivational book Choose to Prevail. Guests include: * Vampiro, the iconic wrestler from Canada who became a legend in Mexico in the 90s. When he was diagnosed with serious health issues, he went back to school to study psychology. Vampiro is now a musician, a vegan chef, and deeply interested in spirituality. His strength, his will, and his punk rock attitude have allowed him to deal with everything life has thrown his way.

* Daniel Hall, a survivor of abuse as a foster child who went on to become a loving adoptive father to six amazing children. * Karla Silva, who was once tasked with finding employment in a new country, under conditions that were less than ideal. She is now a successful investor relations and public relations expert, and shares her secrets for building self-confidence and feeling more at ease when networking. * Eli Marcus, son of a Holocaust survivor. Once painfully shy, he embarked on a quest for self-transformation and eventually became the number-one ranked ad salesperson in the world, out of over 3 million salespeople. * Sara Araujo, a talented young woman who overcame depression, sorrow, and self-doubt through the power of writing and music. While doing so, she also began to carve out an exciting career path for herself. * Rob Oliver, who became paralyzed as the result of an injury sustained while body surfing. He is now a respected motivational speaker who believes we should maximize our abilities, rather than being defined by our limitations. Read more about the show, where you will learn from these and other inspiring guests. Get the Choose to Prevail book, which has been recommended by our guests. Get Choose To Prevail - Copy Signed by Sandy Rodriguez - Paperback.


Do you want to be a guest on a new show? We are looking for:

Someone who overcame insecurity about their looks.

Someone who gained confidence in different aspects of life as a result of exercise or sports.

A very busy person who wants to try a time-management technique.

An interior decorator who believes one’s environment can directly (not mystically) lead to romantic or health benefits.

Someone who is happier now despite making less money than in the past

Someone who has successfully dealt with haters, frenemies, or other difficult people

Someone who used a long period of social isolation or solitude to accomplish something wonderful.

Someone who has undergone a complete personal transformation.

An older person who has excelled in a field full of young people, or vice versa.

Do you or anyone you know fit any of these descriptions? Kindly fill out this form.


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