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Music Brings Happiness

By Mohamed Ragab

Music is the art of arranging sounds over periods of time through elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. Music represents one aspect of the cultural faculties of all human societies. General music definitions include common elements such as pitch that governs melody, harmony, and rhythm as well as associated concepts such as tempo, meter and vocalization, loud and quiet dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture that are sometimes called the color of a musical sound. Some musical styles or genres may emphasize some of these elements, underemphasize them, or leave them out entirely. Music performance includes a wide range of musical instruments and vocal techniques ranging from singing to rapping; Music is categorized into instrumental pieces, vocal pieces such as songs without instrument accompaniment, and mixed pieces of vocals and instruments.

Someone who plays music on the piano

The universal language of expression, music is the language that we hear in everything in life at home from television and computers and at work, in mobile phone rings, in means of transportation. Each person has his own color and pitch, so there is the coarse voice, and there is the thin and soft voice, and there is the strong and the weak one, and there is also the voice that reflects tenderness or that reflects harshness. Also, sounds vary according to their source. There is the human voice, the voice of nature, the voice of animals and birds, and the voice of machines. And the voices do not end, and the voice is replaced by silence by not hearing a voice. It is indisputable that the most creative voice is the human voice, because he can arrange it however he wants and adapt it as he wants.

Eras of music

The spread of music historically depended on its passage through several eras, and in the following information about the most important of these eras.

The Greco-Roman era: it is an era that extends between the year 1200 and the year 146 BC; Where the music was at its beginning of a Greek nature, and later it turned into a Roman nature, and theories specialized in music appeared in this era, controlling the vibrations of sounds, and musical shrines, and musical philosophy was also marked by an important renaissance, and brass and blowing musical instruments spread among the Romans, as they were used Music of a military nature, and among the most famous Roman figures who were interested in music: Aristotle, Plato, Pythagoras, and Ptolemy.

The Romanesque era: It is an era that extends from the year 250 AD to the year 1150 AD, and it relied on religious church music, and lyrical religious models appeared in this era, and the notation of music, and among the most famous figures of the Romantic era: Guido Dartso, Bob, and others.

The Gothic era: It is an era that extends from the year 1150 AD to the year 1400 AD, in which a development appeared in religious musical models. To accompany the playing of musical instruments, and among the most famous musical figures of this era are Landini and Leonine.

The Renaissance era: It is an era that extends from the year 1450 AD to the year 1600 AD, during which the concept of group singing, known as the choir, developed. It also witnessed a development in the use of musical instruments and the polyphonic style, and among the most important musical personalities in this era: Morley, Jibrilly, De Preah, and


The Baroque era: It is an era that extends from the year 1600 AD to the year 1750 AD, and in this era: the musical sequence, the concerto templates, the opera, the fugue, the oratorio, and the orchestra appeared, and among the most important musical figures in this era: Bach, Corelli, Hendel, Vivaldi, and Monteverdi.

The Classical and Rococo era: It is an era that extends from the year 1740 AD to the year 1800 AD, and this era is considered integrated with the Baroque era, and in this era the musical symphony appeared, and the opera, the concerto, the string quartet, and the sonata template developed, and among the most famous musical figures in the classical era and Rococo : Beethoven, Mozart, and Haydn.

The era of romanticism: It is an era that extends from the year 1800 AD to the year 1900 AD, and in this era the music of the piano, the musical drama, the symphony specialized in the program, the artistic songs of LED, and the symphonic poem appeared and developed, and among the most famous musical personalities in this era: Wagner, Chopin, Schubert, Beethoven, and others.

The Impressionist era: It is an era extending from the year 1880 AD to the year 1918 AD, and it is considered intertwined and integrated between the music that appeared in the twentieth century, and the era of romanticism, and was distinguished and developed in the impressionistic era as the symphonic poem, and the music for the piano, and among the most famous musical personalities in this era are Debussy and Ravel.

The twentieth century: It is an era that began after the year 1900 AD and is still up to the present time, in which various musical trends appeared, such as dodecaphonic music and electronic music. Schoenberg, and others.



Types of musical instruments

This division is based on the way the instrument works, whether it is an eastern instrument or a western instrument.

  • Blow or pneumatic instruments

  • Woodwind instruments.

  • Brass wind instruments.

  • Stringed instruments.

  • Keyed stringed instruments.

  • Stringed stringed instruments.

  • Pinch stringed instruments.

  • Percussion instruments;

  • Electronic machines.

Music Genres

Symphony, meaning the sounds that are in sync with each other. Rock, which is a mixture of country music, blues music, and folk music, and this music appeared in the mid-1950s.

The orchestra, in the Greek sense, is the space between the audience and the stage, and many string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion instruments are used in it.

Rap, which is rhymed and rapid speech, and does not adhere to any melody. Concerto, which is music composed by instruments to replace the human voice.

Jazz, and its roots are the cultures located in West Africa, and jazz has several types, namely: sharp jazz, cold jazz, and symphogas.

Blues is one of the music that uses sound with musical instruments, and it is taken from African-American music. Heavy metal and metal, a type of music that falls under rock music, and when performing loud instruments that emit powerful sounds, such as the guitar, are used.

The sonata, meaning in Latin, sings or plays, and its basic instrument is the piano.

Desire is the basis for change

Music also affects the mood, depending on the person's desire for change. Describing a piece of music as sad or depressing does not mean that it will directly change a person's mood. Studies have found clear links with regard to the way people approach music.

The benefits of listening to music on your health.

  • Improve verbal and visual skills

  • Mood improvement

  • IQ increase

  • Strengthening the immune system

Listening to music reduces stress hormone levels in the body, and one study showed that if people actively participate in making music by playing different percussion instruments and singing, it will happen to them a kind of boost to their immune system more than if they listen passively.

Recent research found that symptoms of depression were significantly reduced in the group that listened to classical music before bed, and another study conducted by Hans-Joachim Trapp in Germany showed that music can benefit patients with symptoms of depression, depending on the type of music such as meditative sounds and classical music.

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