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Marcus LaPointe, The Making of an Entrepreneur.

“All work and no play is no way to live.”

Marcus LaPointe, founder of HandPrint Content.

Marcus LaPointe comes from humble beginnings, bred amid the tin and tires of transient trailer parks. These migratory roots snaked their way through diverse life experiences that would intrigue even the most seasoned psychoanalyst. Each relocation erased the vestiges of past attachments, thus instilling in him a restless urge to constantly yearn for something more. Perhaps this sense of nomadic restlessness made him an unstoppable maverick, daring to take the uncharted road.

His unique narrative, and his journey across the nation, unknowingly molded him into an entrepreneur of life. Seemingly insignificant choices made by his parents may have changed his future in unimaginably powerful ways.

The mosaic of his career started in the bucolic landscapes of northern Maine. On the fertile soils of Mr. Mills' farm in Caribou, He picked potatoes by hand. Before the onset of mechanized harvesters, his tools were simple wicker baskets that we filled and emptied into old barrels. His salary was determined by the number of barrels he served. The mornings were chilly, but hard work warmed him quickly.


His stint as a farmer was short-lived due to yet another move. His subsequent escapades included gathering eggs on a massive chicken farm, which, despite the evil stench, only amplified his experiential education. His resume expanded to include roles as a gas station attendant, a jewelry booth salesperson, and a convenience store stocker. Seeking higher pay and the potential for career growth, He obtained his EMT certification, but the prospects in his small-town Fire department were slim.

As destiny would have it, military recruiters marked him as their next target. He enlisted in the Army, joining the 27th Engineer Battalion, Airborne Rough Terrain. He was in the jack-of-all-trades, parachuting to construct, destroy, and make things explode. His time as a Combat Engineer introduced him to all corners of America, from the sizzling heat of California to the relentless red clay of Georgia, the humid swamps of Louisiana, and the sprawling bases of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

When the itch for change struck again, he chose a path that promised more adrenaline, more career options, and perhaps less of the military's rigid policy. Initially, a group of his friends decided to venture into underwater welding, but when the others backed out, he found himself alone yet undeterred. He packed his bags and moved to Seattle, Washington, to attend the Divers Institute of Technology.


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In this grueling period, he stretched his limits by juggling two jobs alongside full-time studies. His nights belonged to UPS, handling packages on the flight line, and his evenings were dedicated to West Marine, where he acquainted himself with boats. It was a test of endurance that resulted in more than just a survival badge - a badge of honor.

Post-training, he headed to Louisiana to work for American Oilfield Divers. He felt like life was finally conspiring in his favor. The thrill of the ocean and the exotic life it offered was incomparable. Yes, the work was challenging, the hours were long, and sometimes the sea would show its wild side. But the breathtaking sunsets, the playfulness of dolphins dancing around the bows of the boats, and the fresh-caught seafood prepared by gifted chefs made it all worthwhile. This was the quintessence of living a less ordinary life that was genuinely his.

Hurricane season was both a curse and a blessing in disguise. When the storms rolled in, he was bound to land and given too much idle time. Money was scarce during these times, but he found work at the National Foundation Repair, an alchemical blend of art and science, where he mud-jacked house foundations to keep them upright and robust.

However, his life took a dramatic turn when my mother fell ill. Being an only child, the responsibility was solely his, but he was more than willing to take it on. This led to his return to Illinois, his family roots. It was a bittersweet reunion.

Craving the thrill of diving, he switched to inland diving and found himself in places he never thought he’d be, from the red-hot blast furnaces of steel mills to the murky depths of waste plant tanks. Despite the irregular work hours and the unpredictability of the job, it was an adventure he was part of. He was a proud member of the Operator’s Union then.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of a new chapter. He joined the plumbers union, and for the next five years, He immersed himself in the world of plumbing and pipefitting. His mother's health was deteriorating.

As a part of this new life, He navigated the sleepy streets of downtown Chicago at 3:30 am and caught a precious hour of sleep in the car before diving headfirst into another day of relentless work and learning. The pay was better towards the end, but the satisfaction of learning a craft was priceless.

During these tumultuous years, he found solace in the halls of academia. He experimented with various majors, from mechanical engineering to philosophy, but during this time, his mother passed away in 2005. Her passing brought gravity to his life, which intensified when he met his wife in 2007.


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Life took another rough turn during the recession in 2009 when he was laid off for the first time in his life. It was a devastating blow, but it ignited a spark within him, resolve never to let this happen again. This resolve led him to join the educational facilities arena, which brought new challenges and a chance to put his plumbing skills to use.

In this new role, He found that the monotony of service work in the plumbing trade did not fulfill him. However, it was clear that the path to management required an academic qualification. Inspired by his wife's support, He got his degree in construction supervision and found a managerial position in another school district.

It was here that he discovered his passion for leadership. With increased responsibility, he found the world of custodial services to be exciting, ripe with opportunities for growth and innovation. He pursued his baccalaureate degree in management, specializing in entrepreneurship, and grabbed every opportunity to enhance his skill set.

While his journey as a custodial manager was rewarding, the ghost of his past layoff haunted him. He realized that he needed to make himself indispensable, so his passion for writing emerged. He found that he had a knack for it, and even better, he loved it. He began to publish articles, book reviews and discovered a joy in helping people tell their stories.

The road to growth led him to experience the private sector, which was a new challenge. He finished his MBA, started his business as a ghostwriter, and currently works at Fermilab National Laboratory, an international hub of scientific exploration, as a facilities manager.

HandPrint Content, his business, is growing and finding new customers. Marcus is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Entrepreneurs.


Joseph Patrick Fair, For Heart of Hollywood Magazine.

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