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Never found the right lady in my life. Had many girlfriends and for one reason or another it never worked out. Looked all over the world for her. So, I decided to pray to God that one day she would walk into my life. Went to a famous psychic and she said I would meet a woman one day. She is very beautiful and has a name she cannot pronounce. From London to Canada, I searched for her and never found her.

After living in California and Las Vegas I decided to move back to Illinois. I was 45 and never married. Wondering if my prayer for the love of my life would ever come true.

On the computer one night working on game development, I went into a chat room and opened a window and there she was. My first words were. Is that you? She did not know what I was talking about, but I knew it was her.

She was beautiful and single. She was on vacation in Chicago but going back to Jakarta the next day. I went to Chicago and met her at the InterContinental on Michigan Avenue. She left that day before I could tell her what I felt inside.

I knew the woman I loved has just left for her home and will be 10,000 miles away. Halfway around the world. My heart sunk so I drove home. So, I waited to see her online when she got home.

We saw each other on cam and talked through the night. Sometimes fall