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Never found the right lady in my life. Had many girlfriends and for one reason or another it never worked out. Looked all over the world for her. So, I decided to pray to God that one day she would walk into my life. Went to a famous psychic and she said I would meet a woman one day. She is very beautiful and has a name she cannot pronounce. From London to Canada, I searched for her and never found her.

After living in California and Las Vegas I decided to move back to Illinois. I was 45 and never married. Wondering if my prayer for the love of my life would ever come true.

On the computer one night working on game development, I went into a chat room and opened a window and there she was. My first words were. Is that you? She did not know what I was talking about, but I knew it was her.

She was beautiful and single. She was on vacation in Chicago but going back to Jakarta the next day. I went to Chicago and met her at the InterContinental on Michigan Avenue. She left that day before I could tell her what I felt inside.

I knew the woman I loved has just left for her home and will be 10,000 miles away. Halfway around the world. My heart sunk so I drove home. So, I waited to see her online when she got home.

We saw each other on cam and talked through the night. Sometimes falling asleep after hours of long evenings. Getting to know each other more and more every day.

Never wanted to marry anyone in my life but I felt this was the woman I prayed for. She had a name that was hard to pronounce, and she was a beauty queen Miss Manado North Sulawesi Indonesia. She was smart and the woman I wanted to marry. No woman ever made me feel like this.

After a few months I flew to Jakarta Indonesia. She picked me up at the airport. We had dinner at the InterContinental Hotel that evening. I had an engagement ring and wanted to propose to her at dinner. The next day we were to fly to Bali for a week.

I was very nervous but was enjoying her company and beauty. It was the right moment to ask her to marry me. Can still remember the song playing by the band in the restaurant. Nelly and Kelly Rowland song called Dilemma. She said YES and all my dreams come true. We danced to the song, and it was what I asked for in my life. It was love at first site.

We left for Bali the next day. I tried to marry her in a small town in Bali called Ubud. It was a magical place on earth to be married. Jagger was married at an amazing hotel in Ubud. The laws were two cumbersome, so we decided not to be married in Indonesia.

She came to the USA, and we were going to be married. After we had the blessings from both of our families, we decided to get married in a small town called Galena Illinois. It was romantic and it was one of the greatest days of my life. We were married on New Years Eve 18 years ago. She got a job and was a manager with Delta Airlines. We traveled to Indonesia on many vacations and around the world. Sometimes dreams do come true and love at first sight really can happen.



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