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LA Actress Goes from Fan To Fame

By Billy Montgomery Imagine watching a season of your favorite show one year and becoming a recurring character on the program during the next season. This is the experience Rama Montakhabi is living out loud portraying the role of “Peaches” on BMF/Black Mafia Family second season on STARZ. Based upon a true story, BMF, follows the actions of a drug trafficking and money laundering organization set in 1980s Detroit, Michigan. The crime drama television series premiered in September 2021, the second season debuted in January, and was recently green-lit for a third season.

Montakhabi’s connection to the show went from fan to cast member as she was busy auditioning and acting in various small roles. Then, her big break happened when an entertainment lawyer friend convinced the executive producer Randy Huggins to view her audition video. “I told him (Randy) that I didn't want to be handed anything. I just wanted to be given the opportunity to prove myself,” Montakhabi said. And prove herself she did as her self-tape landed her the role and gave the show a little more buzz. In the role of “Peaches,” Montakhabi portrays K-9’s girlfriend, an exotic, highly desired woman but is more than a typical side piece. Montakhabi said there are a lot of twists and turns with “Peaches” and she is plenty of surprises. “This has definitely been an incredible experience because I am definitely a fan,” Montakhabi said. “But to go from being a fan to seeing talent up close and working with them is unreal.”

Over the past three years, without an agent or management, she has booked herself on several projects, including working with heavy hitters like HBO, Showtime, Lifetime, MTV, and VH1.

Photo: Billy Montgomery

Proper representation in the industry is important to Montakhabi as she feels her heritage to be respected as much as her acting prowess. The Iranian American actress grew up in Northern Virginia after her family came to America as refugees two months before she was born. “I know that there isn't a big community of us (in Hollywood),” the SAG AFTRA actress said. “With everything going on in Iran right now, I want to be able to use my voice and to use my platform to help in any way that I possibly can,” Montakhabi said. When she is not on set, Montakhabi is an advocate for cancer research as she lost her mother to a battle with cancer and is also a big promoter of staying healthy, due to her father passing from a stroke.

“Whatever I do, I go hard,” Montakhabi said. “I’ve gotten way more no’s than I did yesses. But all it takes is that one, yes to put you on the next level.”


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