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Ireland, the "Emerald Isle" you can't miss

Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland, a culturally rich territory has announced its reopening this summer, which means the possibilities of us spending our summer vacations there have increased. This country, famous for plenty of things, including its friendly environment, and its wide history, has a lot of things to offer for the tourists that decide to visit it, so today I will give you a guide of just a few things to do and go in this magnificent country.

  • Dublin

The capital city of the Republic of Ireland is not to miss; with a vibrant environment, your first stop should be here. Famous for its colorful dors, historic architecture, charming streets, and the opportunity to experience firsthand the pub nightlife, this capital city has it all. Dublin also offers many cultural activities throughout the day. A quick tip, to be able to see the most, is to be aware of the many walking tours available as you'll be able to see more of the city and learn more of the history of Dublin by walking through the city with a tour guide.