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Igniting Transformation: Stephanie James and Her Journey to Becoming Fierce.

Stephanie James, Author, and much more.

Stephanie James, a prominent figure in the multidimensional sphere of transformation coaching, has emerged as a towering presence. Not only is she a transformation coach, but also an author, filmmaker, and awe-inspiring professional speaker. James's extraordinary trilogy, released in June 2022, showcases her indomitable spirit and the inspiring power of healing.

Stephanie James

At the heart of James's trilogy is her newest book, "Becoming Fierce." Available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, this captivating exploration delves into overcoming adversity and self-discovery. James lays bare the grueling path from hardship to fortitude, teaching readers how to transform their pain into strength and courage. Esteemed figures such as spiritual entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen and acclaimed author Laura Davis hail "Becoming Fierce" as a profound revelation of balance, poignancy, and meaning. Nguyen describes it as a step-by-step guide toward a bold, meaningful life, while Davis recognizes its transformative potential.

The second element of James's trilogy is her latest documentary, "When Sparks Ignite," hosted by the MoreU Channel on the Plex Network streaming platform. This film delivers an inspiring message: our darkest times can ignite the brightest sparks of transformation. Featuring a "Lights of the Round Table" discussion with twelve international thought leaders, including Larry Dossey and Jacob Israel Liberman, the film illuminates the importance of healing.

But James's transformative journey doesn't end on the screen or page; it extends into the heart of the Rocky Mountains. There, she hosts the momentous Becoming Fierce Women's Empowerment Retreat. Twenty women and six international thought leaders, including Natalie Ledwell and Pauline Nguyen, unite to create an intimate cocoon of transformation. Captured by an award-winning film crew, this exceptional retreat becomes a seven-part network series on Plex Network.


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Participants at this mountain retreat undergo a profound metamorphosis, shedding old restraints and negative beliefs to reignite their inner powers. The weekend is marked by raw authenticity, vivacity, and life-changing inspiration. Stephanie James's contributions to the field of transformation coaching and her dedication to guiding people toward their true potential are inimitable.

What is singularly profound about James's journey to fierceness is that the strength she imparts is drawn from her own experiences. She is an authentic example of empowerment through transformation. Stephanie James is a boundless vessel for change, urging us all to ignite the sparks within ourselves.

Her work speaks volumes about the power of healing and transformation. Whether through the pages of her book, on her film screen, or amidst the scenic backdrop of her retreat, James's message remains consistent and powerful: we all possess an inner fierceness, ready to emerge through the trials we overcome.

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Joseph Patrick Fair, for Heart of Hollywood Magazine


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