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“Cherry”: Tom Holland and the Russo brothers beyond Marvel

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The actor and famous filmmakers embark on a journey outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe that’s messier and harder to watch.

The awaited new Tom Holland movie Cherry recently premiered on Apple TV, and as many Spiderman fans out there, I couldn’t wait to watch. The story begins with Holland’s character about to rob a bank. He looks disheveled and he’s narrating how lost he’s feeling, though it’s not very clear how this 23-year-old young man got to this point. Luckily, the film quickly takes us back to the beginning. The young protagonist is attending a community college where he introduces us to his low-life friends that are debating if one of them should or should not join the marines, we meet his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend and Emily, his new girlfriend and partner for the rest of the story. This first part of the film works as a kind of coming-of-age mini-story. It’s not super entertaining and he sometimes breaks the fourth wall with no particular point, but we can already tell that these two are going to suffer a great deal.