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Burke Sage, star of “Honest to God.” Find out about the man behind the movie.

By Joseph Patrick Fair

Burke Sage is an actor,writer and singer born and raised in Michigan. He comes from a long line of talented musicians/singers, although acting was never on his radar until later in life. In 2015 he completed a faith-based industry training program through AMTC and the 'acting bug' hit him. Since then, he has been cast in dozens of films, commercials and TV series, including lead roles in ID Network's 'Lone Star Justice' and faith-based film 'Honest to God', written/directed by Robert Alaniz. He has strong emotional range, great memorization/recall, and has been complimented by several directors regarding his ability to take direction. In 2020, he finished writing his first film script and is working toward making this story 'big-screen ready'. He credits his faith in God and an incredibly supportive family for his experiences so far.