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Alain Zirah and Anne Gomis are ambassadors of French culture and lifestyle. For 17 years, with the OFF de Cannes, they have been helping artists moving from the local to the international level. Born in Marseille, of a father from that 2600 years old city and a mother born in Algeria, Alain realizes when he meets the beautiful Anne, in 2010, that between them, they convey eight different cultures: Tunisia, Italy, Spain and Algeria for Alain, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Formosa and France for Anne. These two key figures of La Croisette facilitate meetings with professionals with whom they develop incredible projects. Wikipedia presents their OFF de Cannes festival in several languages and in many countries.

The 75th Cannes festival should have marked the spirits with a president such as Tom Cruise, it will be Vincent Lindon, a French actor. The arrival of Tom Cruise in front of the festival’s palace will be the most noticed with the passage of the planes from the French patrol, with a precision to the second, displaying the blue white and red colors above the red carpet. Another big French star, Omar Sy, our Oscar-winning actor who participated in the X-Men, came this time to defend Les Tirailleurs, opening film produced by the actor, after Cut! the very funny and gore comedy of Michel Hazanavicius ...

After having highlighted artists for fifteen years, and last year the Democratic Republic of Congo, for their 17th edition the OFF de Cannes 2022, direct their spotlights on Africa. For its artists, but also for all its specificities. The OFF de Cannes continue to accompany the artists until the realization of their dreams. With the Great International Web Contest, they will highlight the first African blockbuster.

On May 25, the OFF de Cannes Cinema Grand Prize was awarded to the film The King’s cane. Directed and produced by two young Beninese of 29 years, this film shows the first Amazons in the former Dahomey which became Benin. After the interviews in the Pavillon Afriques of Karine Barclais, the young director Reilinght Tchobo and his producer François Kodjossiadan were rewarded by Alain Zirah and Bamby Traoré who came to represent the Consul General of Senegal on the magnificent Rooftop of the Radisson Blu in Cannes. The ceremony took place during the event of RAF Production by Clara Gaye and Didier Moulion under a radiant sun where hundreds of guests could enjoy the exceptional panoramic view of the bay of Cannes and cocktails to the measure of this iconic place.

Three days later, while everyone is rushing to beg for invitations to attend the closing of the festival with the announcement of the prize list, many personalities and artists who make up the festival were heading back to the Radisson Blu. Some of them attended, the day before, the happening of the lyric singer Mickael Guedj who gave his full voice to excerpts from The Barber of Seville in front of the entrance of the Majestic-Barrière. Installed in front of a backlit tarpaulin in the colors of Sicily, the baritone gave his voice, under the applause of an audience of connoisseurs who warmly congratulated him.

It is therefore quite natural that after rewarding the Sri Lankan designer Enoka Fonseca for a historic fashion show, Alain Zirah and Anne Gomis and their team including Myrthe Ekuba Bosendju, William Perera and Rihab Bejaoui, have gathered again an audience of professionals on the same Rooftop to attend the awarding of the OFF de Cannes 2022 Lyrical Grand Prize to the great baritone Michael Guedj. This singer, represented by Claude Martinot and Stéphanie Domejean, is one of the happy few who can go from opera to rock or variety with an exceptional full voice. He made his audience dreaming impossible dreams with a famous song from Jacques Brel and amazed them with two other titles when Prince Olympia Gellini, the Paramount partner who introduced Alain Zirah and Anne Gomis at the World Film Institute in Beverly Hills (USA), arrives. The events are broadcast on a large scale since, throughout the festival, the couple and their team, including three members of the Kourtrajme film school of Madrid, Spain, represent the BBLACK AFRICA TV channel for a special Cannes festival show about the diversity of artists from all over the world. More information by subscribing to the group

In 17 years, more than 9,000 artists have been discovered and highlighted by the luminous couple. With their partners Bruno Chatelin ( and Max Ricciardi (, they distribute their information to 200,000 international film professionals and 2 million film and music lovers. Hence the slogan that sticks to their skin: we don't make events but we write a legend. Let's wish our winners to become future legends.

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