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Cinemateca Brasileira collects and organizes audiovisual material produced in Brazil

Are you interested in-- or curious about-- South American cinema? Cinemateca Brasileira is a Brazilian entity that gathers and organizes data regarding audiovisual productions from Brazil, dating from 1897 to the present.

Currently, it has information on approximately 42 thousand titles, including short, medium or feature films; newsreels; advertising, serial works (for internet and television), and much more. The database is constantly being updated.

The Cinemateca Brasileira also has an impressive audiovisual collection, encompassing about 245 thousand rolls of films, or 30 thousand titles.

Cinemateca Brasileira wishes to share its material with interested parties, be they national or international. Qualified institutions may borrow copies for public exhibition, provided there is some form of backup that ensures the preservation of the work. If you wish to explore the availability of different films, you may contact the entity through

Photo: Cinemateca

(323) 204-3133

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