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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

In Mexico, there are many places that are ideal for travelers. One of them is Veracruz, a beautiful state with an impressive cultural heritage, amazing traditions, and, of course, hot weather.

Tierra Blanca is a small town where members of my family live. My parents, my sister and I go there on every vacation, and we stay in a hotel called La Bendición. There are cabins and rooms, all of them with a parking area, around three swimming pools, a lake, a jacuzzi, a little farm, a restaurant, and, surprisingly, ostriches. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s how it is. When I was little, I used to go to see them and I would scream because they are gigantic.

When you enter the hotel, you find swings, a slide, a trampoline, and other playground equipment. Sadly, there’s an age limit, and if you are over 13 you can’t play here again. I think it’s difficult to grow up.

I have made a lot of memories there. I remember when I traveled with my mom’s family. I used to go down the swimming pool slide, and I went so fast, I splashed water on all my relatives. It was so funny. We also played chicken fight, which is a game where the little ones in the family are up on someone else’s shoulders, and they try to knock down the opposing team. I lost, by the way, but it was not terrible because we laughed so hard.

This place is a good option if you’re searching for a place to visit. Travel was, is and always will be what we create our life around.


  • FOOD

Many visitors enjoy shrimp cocktail alongside a beer or a michelada, which is beer with tomato juice, lime, and salt. My favorite menu item are empanadas de queso. You can eat at the restaurant or request room service. The restaurant serves breakfast, which is cooked to order, as well as lunch and dinner. You won’t have any problem if you get hungry! The hotel also provides complimentary bottled water.


People in Veracruz are referred to as jarochos. They are so kind and friendly; they treat foreigners as if they were part of their family. This means they will welcome you into their homes. Mexicans often offer to help you with whatever you need. If you wish to practice and improve your Spanish, they will try to understand what you are saying.


In Tierra Blanca, a carnival normally takes place every year and many people attend. However, due to COVID-19, it was canceled last year, though this year it was held once again. Artists who played different music genres performed. For example, La Factoria, a Latin reggaeton music group, was present. Local actors and clowns also go to this carnival. There are contests, dancing, food, entertainment, prizes, games, cheerleaders, king and queen coronations, and raffles, so you can have a great time with your friends or family.


If you like the beach and skating, Veracruz is the perfect option for you, because about two hours from Tierra Blanca there is a port, which is one of the largest ones in Mexico.

The view of the ocean is incredible, the sand is very soft, and the tide depends on the time of year in which you visit. There are hotels nearby, and there are tables on the sand, along with street vendors who sell you food, such as tasty desserts or traditional meals from Veracruz. I remember when I went there with my family. It got dark and we went for a walk. It was so relaxing. We stopped at La Parroquia, which is place known for its exquisite coffee. Later, we went to see the ships that transport merchandise.

You can swim and have a good time at the beach, or you can enjoy rollerskating or skateboarding. You can find skate ramps by the port, as well as in the central area of Tierra Blanca. There are also different cafes and fast-food restaurants you can visit. It’s very quiet and safe in the afternoon and at night.


In the port shopping area, there are many clothing stores and restaurants, but the most important place is the aquarium. You can view penguins, dolphins, sharks, turtles, and many species of fish. Many people want to visit and there might be long lines on holidays or weekends.

Photo: y-entretenimiento/acuario-de-veracruz-datos-y fotos- para-conocer-este-espacio-sin-salir-de-casa-/

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Pilaar Casas
Pilaar Casas
Jul 22, 2021

What a beautiful article!

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