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10 of the most satisfying sitcom finales

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Sitcoms have been around for many years. They make us laugh and sometimes even cry. We get attached to these characters that we see get into all sorts of scenarios. We identify ourselves in them too. Some people are Carries, other's are Samanthas. Some are neat-freaks like Monica, and others might be the Stanley Hudson of their office. Whichever character you identify with, a big part of the experience is to get a deserving conclusion to the story. In this article, I try to narrow down the top 10 shows that gave audiences and me alike, that deep sense of satisfaction only a TV show can.

10. I love Lucy

No sitcom list is complete without mentioning I Love Lucy. This series was basically the blueprint for all the other sitcoms that came after, and in its time, it was the most-watched TV show for four of its six seasons. The show, along with actress Lucille Ball, received many accolades, and even though it went off the air in 1957, its popularity remains undisputed. The last episode gave audiences one last glimpse of Lucy being her classic wacky self, with Lucille Ball’s physical comedy being the star of the show. Even though the show didn’t have a conclusive ending, its finale was perfect for the time period.