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By Heart Of Hollywood/Staff

To prevail means to emerge victorious, to be more powerful than an opposing force, to overcome obstacles and come out a clear winner.

Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to Help You Overcome Challenges is a new book by communications expert Sandy Rodriguez. Readers can expect to feel more confident, more empowered and more certain that they will triumph over any situation that is causing them grief.

As part of her title selection research, the author asked different groups of language experts if they liked the word “prevail.” An overwhelming majority replied that it was an appealing word because of its meaning and/or because of the way it sounds.

Recently, it seems that the word has been popping up in news headlines for all kinds of stories, from “US-China Rivalry: Who Will Prevail?” (The Diplomat, regarding international tensions), “Teams with the Best Goalie Tandems Will Prevail in the NHL in 2020-21” (Puck Prose, regarding hockey) to “Tacos Will Prevail” (KCRW, regarding the perseverance of street food vendors).

Now that you’re aware of this, you might start noticing it too. There is an illusion known as the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. Something one has just learned or been told about begins to come up frequently. The effect occurs because you’re paying more attention to it.

This is a good time to pay attention to the word “prevail,” the concept of prevailing, and the title Choose to Prevail.

Choose to Prevail is a motivational book for people who don’t normally gravitate toward motivational books. Choose to Prevail is a quick yet substantial read that presents unexpected ideas and suggestions in a different way than other books in its category. Its goal is to help the reader overcome obstacles big and small.

No matter what, you will prevail.


Motivational book Choose to Prevail is available on all major platforms including Amazon ( ), Barnes and Noble, and Signed paperback copies are available exclusively through

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