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Words of Reasonable Wisdom

Writer By

Shaun Guzman



Copyrights by Shaun Guzman © 2022


These stories will embark random occurring events that take place within the story of people who wonders and questions about the way of life; in this story you will see people educating themselves, embracing things around them and understanding reasonable wisdom of powerful words to live a good life.

Table of Contents:

1. Purpose?!

2. Hard Knocks?!

3. Happy?!

4. Believe?!

5. Future?!

6. Live?!

7. Godsitive?!

8. Good Bye?!

9. Failure?!

10. World?!


What Is the Purpose of US?!

The Pasadena Park isso nice very warm outside. It isfilled with folks who are sitting down and taking a breather, children playing on the playgrounds, a wonderful teen girl who is singing sweet melody on the grass as the grass is looking quite stunning, they are just enjoying the day asthe birds are whistling away.

We see a bench that is not being used. A young man entering the park Ashton Waters, 20 a college student, majoring in mathematics, Ashton is very influence by Albert Einstein in numbers. Ashton is smart and sees everything in perspective ways. Ashton is walking through the park, looking around as he sees beautiful people enjoying the day. He is breathing in the scent of the weather.

Ashton spots a bench; he walks directly to it. He sits down and watching a nice view of the sky. Ashton is smiling and relaxing on this wonderful day. An average man entersthe park Tommy Wilson, 40’s, a mailman, loves to read. He’s sweet, kind and wonders about life. Tommy is walking through the park, looking around seeing folks at the park.

Tommy is thinking of his life as he is wondering around the park, he sees a young man sitting at the bench alone to himself Tommy is having a “thinking moment” whenever or not to go sit over there than he finally decides to go on over to the bench.

Tommy as he then looks at Ashton and says “Hello, do you mind if I sit here”. Ashton as he then looks to Tommy and says “Yes sure”. Tommy says “thank you.”

Tommy sits down next to Ashton as they take a moment to speak. Tommy says “What a good day today is, right?” and Ashton says “Indeed, the sun is shining so bright, and the beautiful air is breathless. I feel great.” Tommy says “That is great. I wish I could say the same.”

Ashton says

“Why?” Tommy says “My wife says the other day “who am I on this earth? What is my purpose? Where do I go in life?” as she said that it spoke to me.”

Ashton says “I’m sure we all feel that way to ourselves who are we on this earth? We question that in our lives.”

Both stares each other for a moment. Tommy says, “You are right son?” He pulls out a handshake.

“My name is Tommy.” Ashton as he gives a handshake back as well “My Name is Ashton.” Tommy says “So, what do you do?” Ashton says “Sir, I am majoring in Mathematics. My dream is to own a multi-billion-dollar school foundation and build it for future generations that’s my calling and also, I like to have fun with numbers; there’s something about numbers that speaks wonders in my eyes.”

The one thing I like is that we can predict how long were going to live. That is just the beauty of math. Tommy says “That’s great; it seems you have your life set.” Ashton says “Yes, I sure do. How about you sir?” Tommy says “I’m a working father. I work as a mailman for the past 30 years and I am in love with my beautiful wife of my dreams,she works in the department of health services, and we have three wonderful kids.”

Ashton says “Thatsounds great.” Tommy says “Well not really. My life isn’t what I dream of neither.”

Ashton says “What do you mean?” Tommy says “I dream of being a CEO of the wealthiest company in the whole world. That is was and still a dream.” Ashton says “If you and your wife feel you have a greater purpose go after that dream; have it come to life, life is too short of regrets.”

Tommy says “I appreciate that.” Ashton says “Your welcome. Tommy “Thank you for the talk, didn’t expect that. I see you later.” Ashton says “Have a great day Tommy and keep dreaming. Tommy leaves as Ashton stays there sitting down watching the glorious view of the world. Ashton says “What is our purpose in life? we don’t stop what we feel that is our true calling in life!”

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