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Women Empowerment Spotlight:Pastor Deedria Chauntee

Pastor Deedria Chauntee is an educator, producer, television personality, motivational speaker, visionary and more. This multi-faceted Atlanta-based entrepreneur crosses state lines spreading inspiration through a purposefully driven operation. A Virginia native who pursued and crafted her talents at Flair Beauty Institute in Petersburgh, Va., and received a degree in cosmetology.

Shortly thereafter, she opened her first salon and a string of successful beauty businesses in the area. Deedria relocated in 2007 to Georgia on a request for a divine purpose. And quickly began to flourish and discover her calling to mentor and empower. Currently, she is planning an Essence of a WOMAN conference in September that will feature grant training and business development as well as a self-development seminar.

Please tell us about the work you do and are currently working on?

I am currently the founder and director of CEI Hair Schools here in Atlanta, I am the Lead Pastor of the GEM Project Church “ A place for all people” We are currently putting together a 10 city tour of our hit stage play. Daddy’s Home but My Husband Aint which will begin our tour in November 2021

How has business been during the pandemic?

Business during the Pandemic was amazing,, with so many people quarantined it was easy to get people to focus on their careers.

In what ways do you describe yourself as an innovator?

To innovate is to create new methods or processes. I believe in reinventing the WHEEL. I work diligently to create new ways to do business more efficiently.

What are some of your best memories in your leadership role?

My Uncle the great Dr. Ed Paiter Carroll told me that you are not a leader until you create new leaders. Those are my best memories of breading new disciples or helping new businesses get started and seeing them blossom.

If you can change society’s mindset on a certain topic, what would that topic be and why?

I would love to change society's view on GOD. He can not be boxed yet he is the same loving merciful and forgiving God today and tomorrow. GOD evolves yet stays the same and he loves and accepts you just as you are.

What can we be on the lookout for from you?

We are about to tour our stage play Daddy’s Home but my husband Aint. which will tour 10 cities. The Essence of a WOMAN tour is currently touring.

What advice would you have for someone who wants to be an influencer as you are?

Wow, I wouldn't consider myself an influencer, But I say whatever you choose to do research that thing those that did it well, and those that did not then… roll up your sleeves and jump in.

Keep up-to-date with Pastor Deedria @pastordeedriachauntee on all all social media platforms.

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