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What music will you play?

By Jeff Scott

Turn on your favorite relaxing music, ease into your hammock, feel the warm breeze, smell the ocean, and gaze at the beautiful sunset knowing you’ll be back again soon. Have you always wanted to travel to beautiful tropical places? Most people have thought about it, some people have thought about it a lot. Love of travel reaches all parts of the globe. You might think it depends on how much money someone makes. That’s true to a point but it depends on your point of view. Actually the way it works is, the lower the income the closer the destination, higher income earners have more choice therefore they choose farther more exotic destinations. Most people fall into the middle bracket but there are other factors as well. Just you? Just the two of you? Family vacation? How much time can I get off work? How much will it cost?

What most people don’t think of is, “What will it cost if I don’t take a break? Well it could cost you a lot! If you are drained and run-down at work it could cost you a raise or a promotion. Even more tragic problems could occur by not taking time off like your health or a drop in income or even trouble in your marriage. Those in the higher income brackets understand this better than most. They know that if they work hard and smart they will be able to have more time off in amazing exotic tropical locations. By doing this they will actually increase their incomes even more and move further along on the road to success. The skills to organize come easy to some people others rely on their spouse or family to help them. It’s really more than just organizing, it’s using your desire to travel to motivate and drive you to do the things that will make your travel dreams become a reality. Once a year or twice a year? Within the US or overseas or maybe that tropical island with the music, the white sandy beach and the hammock! By organizing and using the tools available to them, people are able to change the questions and factors to things like, when can I get a flight? Which hotel is closer to the beach? What are the restaurants like in that area? These things are much less stressful topics when planning a getaway.


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This also provides for a more restful, relaxing, peaceful and worry free break from the grind of work and daily routine at home. Either way travel should be an important part of planning our lives and especially our future. If you have a family this becomes even more important. You and your family will grow and prosper much better and faster with regular breaks from the day to day routine. Kids will not only be healthier but tend to appreciate their situation and their parents when they get to go to a kid friendly place like Disney world. What if you could take them to Disneyland Paris? Or a tour of castles in England and Ireland?

Families who travel regularly often have better relationships than those who don’t. This not only makes sense emotionally, it’s a smart investment that will pay off for years to come. According to the experts, family vacations can act as “Happiness Anchors”, that means that those travel memories acquired as children are used later in life to get us through the tough times and maintain a more optimistic outlook on life. Statistics also show that couples who travel together are more satisfied with their relationships, have better communication, more romance, and stay together longer with lower divorce rates. Talk about an amazing investment right?!! So take a look at taking a break and see if you can work it into your life! Plan and organize for the maximum benefits. Travel can have good long lasting effects for your future. Your co-workers, friends, family and you will all appreciate the effort and investment that you have made in the world that surrounds you!

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