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Walking Dreams

By Giovanna,

The city is full of life and vibrant colors; colors are everywhere. Everyone is heading to an event, a meeting, or hoping to find an opportunity to bring their creations to life.

When the echoes of laughter and tears fade, the night becomes calm, and the solitary moon illuminates the waves crashing into the sea.

But what a life! Let the Cannes Film Festival come to life again, and the spotlights will shine everywhere. Beautiful women in designer gowns, men in tuxedos, and flashes of cameras freeze moments of magic.

Everyone becomes part of the walking dreams. Eyes are wide open.

And there is a red carpet to walk, but you must have a ticket to live the one time in a life experience. For fashion designers, it's their moment to take the audience's breath away hoping to see their iconic stars, who become muses, wearing pieces of art and are a window for inspiration to enter their hearts.

My feet have been hurting as I walk and my eyes have been catching glimpses of the scenery around me. Everyone is playing their role, from pouring the glass of champagne to serving water on the table.

The other day, I saw an older man wearing his Cannes Film Festival accredited badge sitting close to my table at the Martinez hotel. Despite being surrounded by a room full of people, he sat by himself with a serious look on his face. A tea bag was hanging in his cup, he seemed to ignore those around him and no one was talking to him but I know even he had a dream. Now that I'm writing this, I feel like I should have greeted him and maybe even made a friend.

Today, I saw Cate Blanchett wearing black pants and a dark blue jacket at the Carlton Hotel. I saw her smile. Later, at the Marriott Hotel, I walked behind Martin Scorsese. Unfortunately, both times, my phone's camera was too slow to capture the moment. But those are the moments that you can only keep in your memory. I felt like I saw the light and almost touched it.

The day ended at the Carlton Majestic hotel I was watching the work of fashion designer

Sandhya Manniesing and I also saw some familiar faces from Los Angeles.

During this first week at Cannes, I reconnected with friends and I embraced their hugs. Almost four years passed and finally I saw them again. New friends have come to my life like Andrea and Luke.

What I very much love about the entertainment business is that people in this business have a big appreciation for the arts. They become the dream and they are able to transfer their dreams to others so they can continue carrying that dream and perhaps one day that dream will come true.

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You are such an amazing person and the magazine is very interesting, with unique articles that captures many diverse topics that I love.

With love and admiration from Andreea- Nederland

Jun 18, 2023
Replying to

Hi Andreea, nice to meet you. Thank you for the lovely words and the support.

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