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Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Rossario George Is a Label Bringing a Wave of Change to the Fashion Industry

Rossario George is a label that embodies the word “trendsetter.” Bringing together a kaleidoscope of styles and textures, Rossario George is for those who want to celebrate every day and make it unique — regardless of the occasion. From women’s ready-to-wear to women’s and men’s couture, as well as lifestyle accessories, the label is a salute to sexy and stylish. At the label’s helm is CEO Tony Vincente, one of the fashion industry’s disruptors causing havoc in the most fashionable way and bringing a wave of change to style, fashion and design.

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What inspired you to become a fashion designer, and how did you get started in the industry?

I started out with a focus on interior décor. Thanks to that focus and love of creating beautiful things, an opportunity opened with Shop Vida to design garments for them. Due to the success of my first Shop Vida line, I decided to try my hand at creating my own fashion line. Five years later, Rossario George has grown into a true lifestyle brand known for our classic yet unique styles. Our garments continue to be seen around the world thanks to our stunning editorials, and our 5-star rated and Leaping Bunny-certified beauty lines are offered by several retailers, including Amazon and Beauty Bridge.

Who are your biggest fashion influences, and how do they inspire your designs?

My biggest fashion influences come from music. I love stylish musicians who use fashion to the fullest, such as Roisin Murphy, Bjork, and, of course, Madonna. Music also plays a huge role in my designs. A part of my creative ritual is to always listen to music, whether it’s when designing, planning, or shooting editorials. Music plays an integral role.

How would you describe your signature style, and what sets you apart from other designers?

What sets the Rossario George style apart from others is that we specialize in fashion evolution. I believe fashion, just like life, is ever-evolving, and so do our couture collections, although ready-to-wear is different. You will never see us repeat a theme or style when it comes to couture. Each couture collection has a story, and, honey, I can tell a hell of a tale! The 2023 story is L4 (Love, Laird, Leather and Lace). We will be unveiling it exclusively at the Couture and Cars runway show at LeMay–America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington on Saturday, July 22nd. Tickets are still available, but going fast. If you’re interested in attending, find all the details here:

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a fashion designer, and how do you overcome them?

For me it was wearing all the hats in the beginning. Being a fashion designer is fun, but when you take it to a business level you quickly learn how many things must happen and it can be overwhelming. The way to overcome this is to take things slow at first and slowly learn who to rely on and eventually partner with to help grow your brand. I am blessed to have a stellar team, including our new COO, Ernest Spicer. With him and the rest of the team in place, I feel we are officially ready for fashion world domination.

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends, and what role do they play in your designs?

It is easy for Rossario George because we do not follow fashion trends. As the designer, I create due to inspiration, not trends. Whether it be music or even the environment, what fans of the brand have come to expect from us is fashion from the heart of the creator. In closing, I think this is what truly makes Rossario George interesting. Who wants to be a follower when your heart commands you to be a leader?

What is your design process like, from concept to finished product?

It all begins with my best friend LOLA. That’s the name of my sketchbook. Once I feel a collection is ready, I work with my worldwide manufacturers to produce my pieces. Once they are done, I have my fit model come in. At that time I do a garment review and adjust, if needed. Once the piece meets my final approval, it hits the site and stores.


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What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers looking to break into the industry?

Take your time. Overnight success is not the norm so keep at it and design your way, not how someone else thinks you should.

What can we expect to see from your brand in the future, and what are your goals for the next few years?

You can expect a lot from Rossario George. The release of the L4 collection; the announcement of the next big couture collection for 2024-2025; new products from our 5-star, Leaping Bunny-certified, cruelty-free beauty line RG Beauty (, and so much more. My goal is to become an international brand powerhouse that leaves a positive and lasting mark on the fashion industry and the world.

What is your message for our Heart Of Hollywood Magazine readers?

I absolutely love you all and hope you check out the Rossario George brand. We specialize in making beautiful things that are within reach for all-sized wallets. Our website for clothing, shoes (yes, you read that right, we got shoes, baby!), and accessories is . The site for our beauty line is We ship worldwide!

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