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Three-Time Emmy-Nominated Composer David Schwartz Scores Amy Poehler’s Documentary "Lucy and Desi"

Sundance 2022 has been so exciting this year. One of the films that showcased was "LUCY AND DESI" which is Amy Poehler’s documentary debut. "Lucy and Desi" is scored by three-time Emmy-nominated composer David Schwartz. The documentary had its world premiere on January 22nd, at Sundance Film Festival!

Official Synopsis: One day in 1940, two budding stars met for the first time in the RKO Pictures commissary, unaware that together they would change the face of pop culture. After surviving a tumultuous upbringing, a teenage Lucille Ball left her family for New York City, where she first found success as a model before moving to Hollywood to begin working in movies. Hailing from Santiago de Cuba, Desi Arnaz was a paid musician by 16 and quickly broke out as a multitalented entertainer. The two would go on to consistently challenge the status quo in entertainment both in front of and behind the camera.