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There's a New Baldwin in Town...and Her Name is Haylee!

Life is a funny thing. The woman I'm about to introduce you to is someone I met after our being interviewed together for a movie publication. The site was writing a piece about actor working experience on the Ben Affleck/Matt Damon film "Air". The actress that shared my column space and I both had parts in the film but didn't know one another until after the interview was published. Now, two actors that pass in the noir of a Los Angeles soundstage is nothing new, it happens every day, but here's the proverbial "rub". What are the chances each of the featured talents 5 years before both lived 3,000 miles in opposite direction of the city of angels, in the same state, just 60 short minute hand travels around the dial away from one anothers doorstep? Never knowing the other existed until after a leap of faith into the unknown led them to being given camera directions by "Good Will Hunting's" best friend!

This talented woman on the rise has in a very short time made a name for herself in the world of social media as an influencer. With an instagram following approaching 100k , an on fire modeling career, endorsements and the aforementioned acting achievements this is one east coast to west coast journey that will prove to the world sometimes a road trip... is a road trip well spent.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Haylee Alexis Baldwin!

Haylee! Thank you so much for agreeing to speak with me. Lets get to it!

Super excited about this interview! Thanks for the opportunity!

1) Where are you from originally? I was born in Panama City, FL, moved to Anchorage, Alaska at 6 weeks old. I then moved back to Florida when I was 3 and then to Grundy, Virginia when I was in 5th grade. After high school I moved to Walkertown, North Carolina, and finally to the city of angels in 2021. I moved around consistently because my dad was in the Air Force for the first part of my life and then lived in VA to be closer with my grandparents!

2) What is your educational background? I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies/Marketing from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2020. 3) What year did you start in the entertainment business and what was your first job in the entertainment field? I started working in the entertainment business in 2019. My first job was modeling for a prom/pageant dress company at New York Fashion Week!

4) What made you decide to move to Los Angeles? I've dreamed of living in LA since I was a kid. Growing up in a small town, I never thought I could make it happen. However, after modeling for years and building confidence and skills, I decided I was ready to make the big move to LA to continue my modeling journey and focus on transitioning to acting. 5) What drew you to this business and what keeps you involved? Like many kids, I grew up watching Disney shows and fantasized about being one of the show's actors one day. I've always had a keen interest in acting/entertainment but didn't get involved until I was older due to a lack of resources in my area. I specifically remember reading a book about Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana where she was talking about her trip(s) to LA for work. I recall telling my mom "I wanna go to Los ANGELS and work like Hannah Montana". Instead of acting/modeling from a young age, I opted for something else that involved being on stage/in the spotlight - pageants. I started pageants when I was in elementary school and did them all throughout high school. Pageants led to modeling, and modeling led to acting. I stay involved in the business because I truly can't see myself doing anything else. This is my passion, and I do think I'm good at it and have the potential to be great one day. I know it's a long game, and I'm here to play it until I win it.


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6) What's the most exciting thing you've done/ experienced in the business so far? Shortly after moving to LA, I started doing background acting to help me learn what it's like to be on set and meet other actors/creatives. I've worked on some super popular movies/tv shows with people I've looked up to and watched my entire life! It's surreal being able to see professionals in their element. It is like a masterclass on success each time I get to go on set. 7) Who are you inspired by and or admire most in the industry and why? There are a few - Reese Witherspoon, Rachel McAdams, and Selena Gomez.

Reese Witherspoon because she's a southern belle (like me) but has so much range when it comes to her acting. She didn't allow herself to be put in the box of "sweet, cute southern girl".

Rachel McAdams because of her range as an actress as well - I could see myself leading a romance movie, as well as playing a mean girl. The fact that The Notebook and Mean Girls were filmed in the same year is crazy to me because I don't even recognize that those two characters are played by the same person. Her ability to completely shift her character identity so fast is something that I hope I have the opportunity to do one day.

Selena Gomez because of her strength in overcoming public heartbreak and dealing with a life-altering disease all while being a kindhearted philanthropist who has raised millions for mental health. Her selflessness is something that I think is so admirable and needed, especially in a world like we live in today. Her career trajectory is also pretty much exactly what I'm striving for - actress turned beauty company owner. If I could choose how my career would go, I would act for the next decade or so, build a fanbase, and start my own beauty brand! Therefore, Selena is definitely front and center on my inspo board!

8) What advice would you have for women that want to do what you're now doing in Hollywood? To believe in yourself! It sounds cliche but it is so true. If you don't have a strong mindset, LA will tear you apart quickly. I face rejection on a daily basis. You have to have a thick skin, be very strong-willed, keep your vision clear, and most importantly, have confidence in your ability to be the best. You really have to want it and be willing to put in the work long-term. 9) How did your friends and family react when you told them you were moving to California? Everyone was so supportive! My family was a little nervous of course since I would be all the way across the country by myself but they have always believed in me and encouraged me to want the most in life. Despite their fears and worries, they never tried to change my decision to move to California. 10) Where do you hope to be in 10 years where the business is concerned? In 10 years, I would love to be a well-known actress with several reputable, recognizable credits. Ideally, I will have been known for at least a few years and have the funds to begin working on my beauty brand. But for now, I'm taking it day by day, working and hoping for the best! I'm very open-minded and could see my career going in a multitude of directions. At the end of the day, I just want to be happy and fulfilled.

11) What's been your worst experience in the business? I've definitely had some bad experiences and met negative people in the industry, but I've learned over the years the importance of finding beauty in everything. All "bad" experiences and "negative" people I've met in the industry have taught me important lessons that have helped shaped me into the indestructible, driven, focused person that I am today. 12) What do you like to do for fun when you're not working? I love hiking, pilates, swimming, and thrift shopping!

13)Your future looks so bright and I'm so happy to see a fellow North Carolina native doing so well! Congratulations on what has happened and what is yet to come!

Thank you so much Dempsey!

A star on the rise and remember where you heard about her first!

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