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The Rolling Stones No Filter 2021 Tour

On the Town With Richard by R. A. Stermer

“I know it’s only rocks and roll. "The Rolling Stones No Filter 2021 Tour, So Fi Stadium. Satisfaction, Sympathy For The Devil, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Gimme Shelter, Start Me Up, Wild Horses, Beast Of Burden, Brown Sugar, Under My Thumb… In Cleveland, March 1952, some credit the Moondog Coronation Ball as being the official start of Rock and Roll. A mere 10 years later a group was formed which called themselves The Rolling Stones. With roots in R&B and ”Black” music they began delivering their own brand of this newly developing music genre. Sixty years later they’re still rocking. Despite the loss of drummer Charlie Watts, who passed just before the tour began, they are carrying on. All in their 70’s now, they are still able to fill stadiums and entertain with the best of them. The show we attended, at the newly built SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, was no exception.

Photo credit: ( Rich Fury/Getty Images)