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The Rise of the Phoenix

Discover the world of BaroQco, timeless high-end luxury jewelry.

Eduardo and Imelda Liem share their love story through their unique designs that Baroqco Coture House creates for its clients that make them feel special.

BaroQco has been in business for several years and has conducted business with known brands around the world. At the runaways, the models look stunning with BaroQco bringing the deepest essence of beauty. Everyone loves BaroQco!

Handmade BAROQCO art jewelry from Europe is becoming the world’s leading fashion brand in art jewelry. If you are thinking of an occasion to wear BarQco Jewelry or for a very special person you will definitely make an impact.

Imagine wearing BaroQco's designer earrings with your favorite little black dress. Simple, sophisticated, extravagant, and elegant as always.

Handmade BAROQCO art jewelry gives you that special allure. The feeling of standing out in the crowd and an unsurpassed sensation self-confidence.

When you are wearing Baroqco you feel like you are on top of the world. BaroQco's unique opal, gold jewelry is nickel-free and made with Swarovski ® Crystals, it is eco-friendly and made with natural materials, durable, and perfect for every occasion.

BaroQco Couture Jewelry is an official sponsor for the Heart Of Hollywood Magazine Spring Cover Model Contest 2021, and granted a gift price to our winner contestant Tempast Wulf that is going to graze the cover of our magazine spring issue.

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