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Beauty and Fashion Expert Andreea Alexe Has Owned and Managed a Wide Range of Businesses

Andreea Alexe, is originally from Romania, and has lived in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Albania, the Netherlands, and France. Since childhood, she has been passionate about beauty and fashion, striving to be the best and open to learning from others. 

Her father passed away when she was only 11, which caused financial challenges, prompting her to become stronger and take care of her family. She grew determined to help her family and succeed in life, and felt guided by a divine force. Despite coming across people seeking to take advantage of her, she held onto her beliefs, valuing and appreciating honesty, kindness, and respect.

Her passion for beauty began between the ages of 13 and 14, as she started doing makeup, hair, and fashion, providing advice to friends and family, which eventually turned into a beautiful profession. At 19, she left Romania for Italy with only 50 Euros in her pocket, and over the next 10 years, she learned fluent Italian, English, French, and Spanish, helping her create amazing friendships and collaboration all over the world.

She feels blessed after having accomplished everything she set her mind to, thanks to help from smart and kind people, to her experiences, and even to mistakes made along the way.

“Total commitment and perseverance is the key to success. From a young age, I've carried beliefs that have guided and shaped me into the person I am today. These include ‘Don't forget where you come from’, ‘Better to regret something you did than something you didn't do’, ‘Learn from mistakes’, ‘Be yourself, be real, don't lie’, ‘Treat everyone as you want to be treated’, ‘Listen to everyone and learn’, and other idea based on appreciating kindness and respect,” she says.

She has owned and managed a variety of companies in different countries, but the most challenging experience for her was running two mountain cabins, a pub, a terrace, and a restaurant  in the heart of a popular ski and bike resort. It took a lot of effort but she managed to turn them into huge successes by her second year. She also opened a beauty salon that was fully booked within a month, and she has been recognized with 19 diplomas, gold medals, and other awards for her business management skills. 

“It's so great to see my hard work paying off and to meet amazing people. My life has been full of excitement and challenges, and it's still going strong. Never a dull moment! I've been in charge of a cocktail bar in a stunning castle in the Netherlands, all thanks to my love for mixology. I'm also a certified event planner, beautician advisor, hairstylist, eyelash extension technician, microneedling specialist, professional makeup artist, content creator, and promoter for various businesses,” she explains. “Over the years, I've organized numerous successful events and parties. I also served as an event and promotion manager for two of the most extraordinary and well-known event locations in the Netherlands.”


Additionally, she had the honor of modeling for a fantastic fashion show in Cannes, France, organized by designer Sandhya Manniesing. She wore glamorous jewelry by BaroQco.

“I've always had a skill for seeing opportunities, seeing the potential in people, finding solutions, and solving problems, as well as connecting with everyone. This led me to proudly accept the role of Inspector of the Organization of Human Rights Defense Romania-United Nations. While working closely with top photographers and models as a professional makeup artist, hairstylist, and model, I've been encouraged by many in this industry to open my own studio. As a result, I opened Andreea Studio, where I specialize in makeup, hairstyling, photography, videography, and creation of promotional material,” she says. 

She feels one of her greatest achievements is being part of Heart of Hollywood Magazine, as an ambassador and columnist,“It is a dream come true, all thanks to incredible CEO and Publisher Giovanna Salas, who saw my potential and trusted me. In Romania, we have an expression, ‘Nothing falls from the sky’, which means that hard work pays off. I’m living proof. I give my 100% in everything I do, trusting the universe and God to guide my path. I’m feeling excited about the future and the projects on which I’m working,” says Andreea.

You have lived in Italy, Austria, Belgium, Albania, the Netherlands, and France. How have the diverse cultures you've experienced influenced your approach to beauty and fashion?

I get my inspiration for beauty and fashion from my talented mother, who is both a painter and a lover of fashion. She used to sketch beautiful and unique dresses and then bring them to life for both of us. People used to admire our outfits because they were so different from what you could find in magazines at the time. I've always been told that I looked like a little princess when I wore my mom’s designs, made out of beautiful silk with colorful patterns. When I was eight years oId, I used to ask my mom to make dresses for my Barbie dolls, which I would then trade with the other girls in my neighborhood. I would swap one dress for one Barbie. 

I have lived in different countries and attended various events and parties, and I've always been curious about beauty trends and people's preferences. I've managed to create an image for myself which makes people value my advice. When you're passionate about what you do, people can feel it, and I believe that's why they trust me to provide them with the beauty experience they desire.

I've lost count of how many women and men I've advised in regard to clothing, fragrance, skincare, beauty treatments, makeup, and hairstyles in various countries. I've received so much appreciation and have built many friendships with amazing people along the way.

Transitioning from offering beauty advice to owning and managing successful businesses in different countries is a tremendous achievement. What were some of the key lessons you learned during this transition?

I believe that everyone can achieve great things if they stay focused, work hard, remain consistent, and don't give up in the face of difficulties. What motivated me to start multiple businesses was the desire to invest in something profitable, providing more options for myself. I took the chance without fully knowing what it entailed, but no matter how tough it gets, I refuse to accept failure. I have to make it work, no matter what. Thankfully, I do. My secrets are being honest about what I can offer, researching the market for needed products or services, constantly improving, introducing innovations, connecting with customers, and providing affordability for continued success.

It’s crucial to love what you do and be passionate about it. It's also important to learn quickly from your mistakes, be kind and respectful, and persistently seek solutions. Creating a friendly environment where people feel they are among friends  is important to me, and I take pride in successfully achieving this.

What do you remember the most from your travels?

From my travels, I recall that fashion and beauty trends vary from one place to another. In countries like Italy, France, Romania, Albania, Belgium, or the Netherlands, there's significant emphasis on appearance as a way of expressing self-care, elegance, and a love of beauty. In contrast, countries like Germany, Denmark, and others in Northern Europe prioritize simplicity in their style.

Italy and France are the leading countries for fashion, luxury and extravagance. These are cultures that I deeply admire and have carefully analyzed. Living and working there allowed me to experience the beauty of the people, glamorous shops, and fascinating architecture in the big cities, and it had a huge impact on my beauty career. Another reason I love these places is that if you go to the smaller cities or the countryside, it's like traveling back in time 50 years, in terms of fashion, lifestyle, and traditions.

Is there something that you would like to share about your childhood? 

Ever since I was 11 years old, after my father's passing, I've had to learn to protect myself, to be strong, and to protect the people I love. I've also made it a priority not to lose my integrity and sense of self.

What is your dream now?

There was an amazing project called Passe Partout from the Netherlands, directed by glamorous fashion designer Sandhya Manniesing. I had the unique opportunity to attend her fabulous fashion show held in Cannes at the Film Festival, as a model. Wearing her stunning designs at many events there made me feel like a superstar, especially when the paparazzi were photographing me everywhere. Sandhya suggested I meet an amazing person, who turned out to be Giovanna Salas, the CEO and Publisher of Heart of Hollywood Magazine. I was honored to meet such a powerful, kind, and multitalented woman whom I admire. While driving with Giovanna from Cannes to an important fashion event in Monaco, we accidentally ended up at an exclusive restaurant on top of a mountain in Italy. We joked and talked like we had known each other forever. Everything in life happens for a reason, I truly believe that. 

After attending many events and parties during the Cannes Film Festival alongside Giovanna, I saw the widespread recognition and appreciation both she and Heart of Hollywood Magazine enjoy. I was deeply impressed and could only dream of being a part of it. The chance to have my makeup column and to be an ambassador for this publication is a dream come true and a huge honor. 

Andreea Alexe & Giovanna Salas Heart Of Hollywood Magazine CEO

This exclusive publication provides a platform for voices needing to be heard, for stories to be shared, for profitable business connections to be made, for creativity to flourish without bounds. This magazine is a living, breathing entity that connects with readers on a profound level. 

But beyond its articles, projects, events, and global community of interesting businesspeople, this magazine, with each story shared and image captured, has the power to inspire, inform, and spark change.

I recommend Heart Of Hollywood Magazine to everyone I know, because it offers a unique and inspiring perspective through real stories of incredible people. It also  covers fascinating insights regarding fashion, events, the movie world, music, beauty, businesses, and more. It connects entrepreneurs to help them grow  internationally. That is something you rarely find these days. 

I would love for everyone to see and appreciate the magazine’s important role in promoting and building collaboration, which benefits everyone.


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